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Today was a day of running around in the woods getting rained on larping. :) Local linear which we've been not quite getting round to for some considerable amount of time now. Finally we bit the bullet and it was pretty awesome in spite of the rain.

I have learnt several things.

1) I do not feel happy/comfortable larp fighting with glasses on. I can't see without them so until there are contact lenses in my life I will be sticking to characters that don't dive head first into the fray.

2) Comfortable boots will always be the most important part of kit. It was worth knocking up some furry greaves this morning to wear my Dr Martens and have dry, not sore feet.

3) My friends are awesome and most of them are amazing role players. Sadly some are not - some just not particularly safe fighters, some are a bit condescending out of character and some are just a bit annoying. This did not detract from the general fun of the day however.

4) I find men in armour deeply attractive  Crossed out because that's not really news. :)

So yes, a nice learning experience.

Then home and there was pizza and soon there will be Downton Abbey. Woo!

So off for that and then off to bed. Tomorrow is Monday and the start of another week.
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