Mar. 7th, 2011

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Well... That was a weekend and a half! My best  friend is going through some serious family matters and drama at the moment and to make things worse her beloved cat died yesterday so I'm really feeling for her right now. My heart goes out to her, truly.

Otherwise I spent the weekend cleaning and tidying the house. It is now back in a state where I feel happy having people over, as opposed to slightly ashamed.... AND we finally have a mop. It's sad that it took us this long to remember to bring one home whilst shopping. I put it to good use and the kichen floor is now clean.

I also baked flapjacks of the cherry and chocolate variety. Don't know how they taste yet as I baked them late last night and left them overnight to cool down. I have one here with me for lunch today.

Currently I am very much enjoying Prof. Brian Cox's TV programs. He's like the David Attenborough of physics. Last night we watched Wonders of the Universe and I was soothed by the profound physics debate on 'The Arrow of Time'..learnt what entropy means in a physics sense and cooed over the pretty pictures. I recommend any show with him in it highly for he is strangely relaxing and compelling to listen to in his nerdy way.

On another note I have a banging headache coming on and have not gotten anywhere with my crochet over the weekend so now must do 3 or 4 squares tonight in order to keep on schedule.



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