Mar. 19th, 2011

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Life has been..interesting..this past fornight or so. Lots of being kicked in the balls for both myself and friends/family.
My boy and I have had some fairly serious heart-to-hearts and ironed out a few creases. We've not yet crossed the 18th month hurdle as it were so I guess it was hard to go through our first real 'bad patch'.

Conversation and lots of cuddles and lots of honesty have sorted those few hiccups and things are better between us now than ever.

Relationships are hard. No denying that.

I've been sick as a dog on and off as well which doesn't help. Particularly last night where my body decided to wage full rebellion against me, complete with digestive pyrotechnics. Ick.

We had plans for today that involved the shopping for materials and creation of a bustle. The first part was successful, but the thought of going anywhere near that sewing machine - which by the way hates me at the best of times - is not something I relish. So I tried to finish up some crochet and am about to settle into Chobits instead.

Had semi-plans to attend a doll meet tomorrow but Kai needs his lip ring reattaching as I'd want to take him more than anyone else. Also if I'm feeling anywhere as feeble as I do now in the morning there's simply no chance. I'd rather spend the day in bed, catching up with laundry and trying to get ahead with this gorram blanket that seems endless.

Loving this song right now.


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