Mar. 26th, 2011

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Just got back from Whitby Goth Weekend related Ann's hen-do madness.

Not sure it was £75.00 worth of awesome to be honest but it was good. Friday night was spent getting to Whitby and then we dressed Ann up like a chav, nicknamed her Chardonnay and hit all the pubs that are totally geared up for the goth weekend complete with dares and nonsense.

Sadly, I did not enjoy this anywhere near as much as I could because my body rebelled and I didn't realise it was until I'd had a drink. I had two rum and cokes and quickly switched to water and soft drinks in the hopes of avoiding being ill...but not fast enough. I puked my guts up. I hate being ill. Argh I thought I was mostly better.

So Friday night I felt awful, slept, woke up with a banging headache that was quickly cured by chocolate biscuits and water, and then a proper breakfast.

Today we all dressed up - victorian lady inspired. We looked awesome. No dicing that one. There were 13 of us, a veritable gaggle and stopped many times for photos.

I saw the most amazing costumes, including a group of steampunk/Cthulu inspired nonsense which included a lady in a totally latex military uniform, complete with minature pith helmet AND a girl which had tentacles coming out of her bustle/on her hair piece and suckers on her face. I will try and post photos for you guys when they're up. Generally there wer lots of awesome get ups - loving the steampunk efforts with a passion oh yes. Also a lot of tragedy including a woman dressed up as 'Lady Godiva' in a bodystocking, with knickers on underneath that didn't fit so there was muffin-top and nudity. Scary.

Much madness. There was tea and cake. But there was also a helluva lot of waiting around - trying to herd 13 ladies is not an easy task.

Wish I could have afforded to stay tonight for goth pirates but as I have done goth pirates to death I don't feel quite so dissapointed. At £27 just to GET IN, I couldn't swing it alas. I still need to eat.

Thankfully whilst shopping I didn't see anything I couldn't make myself with a bit of effort/time and although there were many beautiful corsets, none that made me squeak/want to fork out the monies.

So my wallet was mostly saved, I got to flounce about in my own hand-made bustle =D and got to see some friends I hadn't seen in a looong while. Too long.

I didn't get to go to the beach but I did see the sea and I did eat fish and chips so that was something at least. I might try and convince people to go back for shopping because there are a million interesting shops/charity shops/tea houses to eat at to be done that we missed out on in the business. Generally I think I might be over the whole 'goth' thing and far more interested in more 'accurate' costuming for LARP these days. LARP gives me the excuse to dress up in awesome costumes - for a reason, almost. Rather than poncing about. And if I do fancy poncing, I shall go to our local goth night.

Don't think I could ever do it daily anymore. Way too much like hard work. Give me wild hair, ditzy prints and Dr' Marten's any day.

All in all a lovely weekend though, now I shall order some takeaway cause I am hungry, possibly have a bath and by that time it will almost be bed time!

Hope you guys had a lovely Saturday and tomorrow is restful.


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