Apr. 14th, 2011

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Well not quite. This weeks been a funny old one.
I'm far more irritable than usual and all highs and lows. Yesterday was great, Mothers Meeting with the ladies was thearaputic and my lemon drizzle cake went down a treat. (We totally ate the whole thing between us. Oops)

Today work felt like a chore. I am way too smart to really be doing this job. I know this because it regularly bores me to the brink of tears. Alas as a graduate with a niche degree with less than a years full time work experience in a competative market I'm not left with many options. Just grinding on for now.

Otherwise life is great. One niggle with a friend neglecting me but no energy with which to 'patch things up' so just riding that out. I get to a point sometimes when I can no longer be bothered to put in 90% of effort in a friendship and left with 10% in return. So until she pulls her head out of her arse she can sod off. Not interested.

This weekend is due to be busy and traumatic. My poor boy, with his massive amount of baggage dramatic life history will be struggling through the 10 year anniversary of the death of his first wife. His only wife, technically. We've already written the day off as a quiet one with breakfast in bed and probably a few movies. I will do my best to be there for him.

On a more trivial note - is anybody else having trouble with photobucket or is it just me? Or has everyone else seen the sense I lack and given up on photobucket for greener fields?

Oh and I made possibly the tastiest maceroni cheese I think I ever made tonight. Good times.


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