Apr. 29th, 2011

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Because she was ever so pretty.

I'm amazed by the amount of negative response to the wedding over here. Particularly among my friends, whom I have always known as a bunch of fairly strong opinioned inviduals but also individuals looking for an excuse to have a party.

I wouldn't ever consider myself a royalist but I do feel that the royal family is a part of my history and culture and I appreciate the traditions and ceremony involved in a monarchy. Not to mention the massive amount of work they do as representatives and for charity. So I find myself in a strange place!

I celebrated the royal wedding today, gladly, happy to have an opportunity to express a small measure of patriotism among friends, with traditional cake and much tea. It was a quiet affair, we cooed over the dress, the hats and mocked mercilessly and inappropriately.

Granted the tabloids were having a field day with it, but honestly it's really nice to have something ridiculous, fluffy and happy on the front pages. Or I think so, anyway.

I've had a lovely day although I am more eager now to get the ball rolling for my own wedding. Waz and I discussed setting into action Operation Envelope aka eloping in a tiny low-key manner. It was passing and joking but sometimes I'm tempted to just pick a dozen people from our vast social circles and fuck off and get wed.

And tomorrow? We're only going to the sea side. =D Oh yes.


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