May. 14th, 2011

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So.... Still on the vampire kick. Totally didn't spend £38 on Amazon (including my copy of Sunshine - yay! I look forward to reading that [ profile] zagzagael and [ profile] joey112  I shall let you know how I find it!) on random stuff we don't really need. Did book for Maelstrom. Have looked at several houses today. One was lovely but need to call the council about parking because it's on a main road there are permits involved. If we can get two for both our cars we might be on to a winner. Although I'm hopeful for the few we're due to look at this week as well. My turn to book viewings so I'll see if we can get one or two more in on Saturday.

Also, I have an interview! It's also for the job that I really liked the sound of. In town centre (ish) and for £2K more a year + more responsibility. It's for an accountacy firm but they seem pretty cool. The interview will tell. It's a group interview though, whatever that means. >.< Seminar  + questions I think. They made me call up and leave a message answering three questions.

What do you believe are your 3 strongest attributes?

What 3 things most attracted you to this position?

What 3 things are you most passionate about in life?

Argh. I babbled but... hopefully not too much. I babble when nervous. But hey ho - I think I was true to myself. This is my new resolve in job hunting. I am going to be professional but true to myself. If they don't like me then I don't want to work for them. Life is too short for anything else? Right? Or am I being naive? Meh.

Eurovision this evening. There is a party but it's at the run down bio-hazzard residence of some of my friends. Ick. That's long story but at any rate I'm not sure I want to chill out with the mould on their ceiling whilst watching it.

Also feeling somewhat anti-social and tired. Early starts on a Saturdays always suck.

Thing is it's now nearly 4pm and although we were up and out and looking at houses by 9am I feel as though I've done little today. I played piano for the last hour. Now what? 


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