May. 20th, 2011


May. 20th, 2011 10:31 pm
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Argh I am SICK of being ill. =(
Spent the whole day with a heavy thick head and sickly feeling. Thankfully poets day was poetic enough to warrent Heather deciding we should go home early. Yey. 4 o'clock finish.

RP was off because our GM randomly had to go to Manchester - YAY. Was totally not in the mood. Instead I spent the evening cake making for tomorrow's 30th. My problem with the friend who hasn't been so friendly lately is solved with her not being able to make it to Leeds for her own birthday bash. I feel bad for her but at the same time it's some weight off because even if I feel half better by tomorrow I'm not going to be in the mood for niceties with fickle people anymore than I am currently in the mood for the noisy-ass drunken neighbours outside my window right now. I hope it rains on them so they go inside.

I made a chocolate orange cake. It's not orangey enough but it's still tasty - I know this because I made mini versions with the left overs. Sadly the main-event is too warm to frost so I have to wait until it is. I'm tired and it's like waiting for paint to dry. Or to die. Not sure. I want to try and find something dragony to put on it tomorrow.

Susie has decided that on our weekend sojourn up to Scotland we are going to Club Noir. A burlesque night in Glasgow. Sounds like a laugh and I'm looking forward to it - just scuppered for outfit ideas. The theme is 'American Dream'. Nice and wide and I have enough bits to cobble together several different outfits with only some additions in the way of accesories. I'm torn between a Playgirl bunny with ears picked up cheap coupled with my flesh coloured fishnets, patent kitten heels in black and my gorgeous black corset. (Need to be brave feeling for this one because of the short skirt/boobs out involved in this one).

Good old country/western girl with boots, my little polkadot tea dress, straw hat and neckerchief - never more have I had an excuse to buy the cowboy boots I always wanted but I'd want a pair that last more than a month and don't have the money to spend on them right now.

OR if I can find a pair of little cute red shoes (something I've also had a hankering for for YONKS) and a cheap white Tee I can totally manage a Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.

So my options are many and largely depend on what I find in the sales tomorrow.

I'm holding my breath for the shoes. Oh shoes. How long it has been since I bought some.


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