May. 24th, 2011

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Soooo I had my interview today. It was with a young and upcoming accountancy firm.

Format was a group interview. 'Group'. Only two candidates out of four turned up. There were 8 members of the team there - all of the company less 2. One of them was the girl who the succesful candidate will be replacing.

All of them were very approachable, seemed fairly down to earth. Nice and human. Heh. Not sure what I was expecting there.

So after the preliminary barble about the company we were asked to do a brief introduction of ourselves and then ask questions. It was pretty much seminar style. Righto - nice familiar format there but felt weird. Then we had to sit down to do writen answers to a handful of questions (standard interview stuff) and a psycho(babble)metric test. Then two of them came back, the owner and the girl to be replaced to have an informal chit chat.

From all of this I took away the feeling that the company is doing well, growing quickly and the team are all enthusiastic about what they do.

The role at hand is interesting enough. Lots of PA duties - diary management, keeping an eye on prospective to client conversion, being first point of contact. Nothing I am scared of, some stuff I've done, some I haven't, nothing I can't pick up. There's a small pay rise in it for me but an extra half an hour in my working day. Nevermind that's no problem either.

I don't really have a 'problem'.... I just can't shake the feeling that this corporate, BNI attending, crazy go-getting, sales orientated, finance focused accountancy world is not for me. The lass to be replaced is going off to be a primary teacher - she landed a place on the one of those on-the-job teacher training courses. I'm jealous. And I think that's what it came down to.

So the job would be busier, more exciting and at least 'client facing' meaning I talk to more people than a handful of colleagues and my boss all day. But at the moment although I am only a tiny cog in a big wheel... if I didn't do my job, then Heather couldn't do her job, and if Heather (PA to the operations director) didn't do her job, then Graham couldn't do his and if he couldn't do his job properly then Guide Dogs wouldn't be moving forwards as well as it does. What I do, in a very round about way, trickles all the way down to something that really helps people, specifically blind and partially sighted people to get the training and support they need to get out of the house and live life.

Apparently this aspect of my job means a lot more to me than I realised.

So... if I'm offered this job... do I take it? For the experience, the pay rise, the opportunity to 'do more', to 'be more'... or do I chalk it up to 'not really me' and apply for more positions in the health, social welfare, public sector or charity type field.....

By the way if my job at Guide Dogs were permanent and not through a temping agency you wouldn't have read all of this because there would be nothing to say.

I'm just airing these thoughts. But advice from those of you far more experienced than I in the ways of the world is always appreciated.


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