May. 30th, 2011

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And it truly did. Do you know how the Scotland skies responded to Waz and I leaving this morning? HAIL. Hailstones in nearly-June. Wtf?

It also rained and poured and rained some more all the way there and on and off all weekend. Still, we weren't there to take in the sights but to see a friend I hadn't seen in nearly two years.

Was really lovely! Funny how some people you can go without really being in touch with and things are pretty much as you left them when you see each other again. Her and Waz got on well and all in all there were fun times. Saturday saw the drive up, introductions and chilling out then Suz and I went off to a burlesque night which... while we both looked fabulous and had a giggle was not as good as some of the others I'd been to and we only found the balcony seating until late on, shortly before we had to leave. Lame-sauce. But there were some great acts and some cracking oufits and we drank champagne and strawberries to that was pretty fab.

Sunday saw more chilling out, board games, fish and chips and my first horse-ride in 2 years (last time I saw her). She keeps a horse on loan in a really lovely set up, up in the hills and farmland so we went for a nice gentle hack. Waz came and while he claimed to have ridden before, as suspected he was actually a real novice and we didn't get to go for a bracing run so much as a casual amble. I'd love to get back in the saddle full time but horsies are expensive and time consuming. There are horsies for part-loan for affordable rates but I don't drive and I'd feel awful scrounging a lift 2-3 times a week to play with horses. =D I NEED to learn to drive. This is really starting to bother me.

Anyways, weekend is up. I am tres tired and I am back at work tomorrow. Still, only a few days to Maelstrom ^-^ Woot.


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