Jun. 13th, 2011

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Edit: I'm an idiot. My lovely other half has informed me that the interest is per year, not per month, bringing it to a reasonable £11.00 ish a month. Lol.

What a d-bag I am.

And I was reminded why this morning. I got a letter through from my bank. The interest-free part of my overdraft is going to reduce down to £1000. This would not be so bad if I hadn't been paddling at the bottom of my negative figures for months unable to quite get out. So now they're going to charge me a tasty 17.81% on my £700 over-over-draft. Either I find that £700 in less than 6 weeks, or I start paying £100+ in interest a month, or I look into alternative financial solutions.

If I am truly lucky and there is but one ounce of anything smiling on me in the universe I will be able to convince some nice bank to give me a balance transfer onto a credit card which will be 0% interest for 18 months so I can pay it off that way. That way my £100 a month can go to paying it off rather than sinking it into interest. Oh and eating. Because that £100 a month is what is feeding us right now.

I feel a bit sick, to be honest. Sick.

This plus house moving. Argh.


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