Jul. 3rd, 2011

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Hey f-listers. How's tricks?

Life here is quiet this weekend. We were off to Brum but that fell through so we had a fairly quiet one. So instead we chilled out, did some shopping (ew Saturday afternoon shopping is almost hell on earth) and today had a rather tasty proper Sunday dinner with the new housemantes who are pretty darn awesome. Honestly I think another weekend of OH MY GOD I AM SO BUSY....would have been too much. I'm struggling to remember the last true weekend 'off' I've had from all social engagement and other such lovely nonesense that life has a habit of piling on me.

Of course, this means that I'm pretty blue/worn out this evening. I've had the pause to think about Stuff. Nothing major but I think the fact that house moving has been top of my list of Important Stuff for months and is now done with, combined with Waz being (temporarily thankfully) unemployed meant for a lot of stress that is now gone. Now I have very little occupying my mind which for most would be good but in my case it makes my all mopey. Now there is really nothing to work towards. I am job hunting for something more permanent as it looks more and more likely that I'll be out on my ear soon but haven't had a single bite yet.

I've been quietly crafting and have finished my shrug - yay. Pics forth coming I promise. There is other stuff that I want to do. I'm going to see what my stash holds and try and work through some of it - including finishing my green cardigan of icky doom. What's that? 'Reverse all shaping'...It's confusing me but I will perservere. Can't be that hard, right?

Mostly everything is unpacked and found homes for with the exception of my books because I still need a case for them. I joined the local library in an attempt to curve my book buying habit. We'll see how that goes.

I am also walking to work next week as Heather is on annual leave which is something I'm kind of excited about. I really hope it's not blindingly hot because I will just melt into a frizzy sweaty heap if it is. It's a good 45 minute walk I reckon and I hope it's not much more than that. I figure if I allow myself just over an hour it'll give me time to be hideously unfit and not be late.

Need a new usb cable for my walkman. Oh how I could have done with that this week.

Otherwise though it's just usual business and nothing much of note. Larp soon - not really feeling it right now though it is several weeks away. I have Ann and Char's wedding weekend first which should be lovely and then my own birthday which currently we have no plans for. I really can't be arsed sorting something. Waz keeps nagging me about what I want but I don't even know. He is the worlds worst shopper as well when it comes to presents - doesn't have a bloody clue. Definitely a case of encouraging him not to get me anything in case he spends silly amounts of money on something ridiculous and awful. That sounds really ungrateful but really... You have no idea! 

Argh early birthday blues now to add to the muddle in my head right now.

Have a pretty song instead of my bitching.


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