Jul. 22nd, 2011

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Holy shit I got my tax rebate and it was £400.00 so my pay cheque this week was the healthiest it's ever been =D. YAY. So being unemployed is less scary for a month or two. £200.00 straight in my savings account towards Wedding Fund. Bills/rent money set aside and some left over so I'm going to be really careful and make sure I don't spend it on stupid stuffs. Or anything at all really XD. My wage next Friday will also go straight in the bills/rent pot and then we'll go from there.

It means I can buy some crafty stuffs to keep me busy though. :) YAY.

Also yesterday Heather took me (courtesy of Graham) for an amazingly tasty lunch. Nom nom. Salvos - by far one of the best restaurants in Leeds. Today is booze-a-ma-hols for last day at work and next week is looking fun. Am going to enjoy my weekend and my time off and Maelstrom and try and keep my head up.

On an unrelated note - here are 100 facts about me which.. frankly are probably quite boring for you to read but certainly killed some time at work this morning!
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