Aug. 10th, 2011


Aug. 10th, 2011 08:47 pm
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England is still rioting. My new job is sending out engineers to fix things so unsurprisingly some of our teams were swamped today putting buildings back into safe states again. Ugh. It's getting scary to be honest and I can only hope it calms down sooner rather than later. People are getting hurt and I don't think anyone is even that sure why anymore. Sirens keep going round our way and the coppers are out in force. Everyone stay safe tonight, eh?

On another note bus rides = much reading and I finished Sunshine.

Reading review:
Sunshine - Robin McKinley
Do Bother - If you're looking for a vampire/supernatural fiction with a refreshing approach to the old favourites
Don't bother - If you're looking for a good old raunchy vampire chick-lit
Overview - All in all an enjoyable read. A recomendation from my fellow LJ F-listers and wise they are. Constantine - the tasty and refreshing approach to vampirism really makes this piece. Sadly the whole book is viewed through Sunshine's eyes and she doesn't quite cut it for me - a little too dithering and the use of the 'er' while at first an interesting approach and gives it an 'in the now' feel of speech - gets tired. There are moments of sheer genius, the whole story itself is uplifting and it's great to read a vampire novel where I feel they've done some justice to the idea of vampires. Vampires as totally inhuman - flawed but haunting. Also dead-pan in more ways than one. It's just a shame that the story itself didn't quite live up to those ideas that made those genius moments. Also the ending SUCKED - pun intended.

Next up? Who knows!

My head is still full of cold and I keep getting this strange throbbing pain that comes sharply but briefly. It's kind of above and behind my left eye. It's annoying and a bit disturbing - I guess I'll be off to the quacks if it doesn't let up.

Peace out, Flisters.


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