Aug. 27th, 2011

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So! This week has flown by :)

Monday saw New!Roleplay group for Middle Earth rolemaster. It has been a learning curve for us. 1) Listen to the healer girlfriend (that's me by the way) when she tells you not to loot corpses because hot!damn you will get brayed by evil ghosties almost to death and 2) I should have put more points into one of my weapon skills rather than stretching them over two because I do not like not dealing very much damage and bibmling about during combat.

Ah well. I am feeling the new character, her name is Lilandrae, will be the serene slightly stern type. I'm going for serious which will be novel because all my other table top characters so far have a shade of the ridiculous. This, of course, is in no way what so ever to roleplaying being after work and thus often sugar/caffeine fuelled.


Tuesday - Friday saw work, work, work, chilling out at home watching movies/ vampire diaries and not very much else of note as far as I can tell.

I emailed a tattooist and we're starting to enter conversation about my new piece - we'll see how that goes.

My hair is falling out a lot at the moment O.o' I'm not entierly sure why. When it gets as long as this I do notice that I lose more of it but it's starting to concern me somewhat. It's not coming out in chunks yet but I do get several hairs every time I run my fingers through it. Can't decide if it's just because its long that I notice my shedding more or if it's because my job is more stressful. Hopefully as I get used to things, my poor hair will stop fleeing from my head. The alternative being lopping it off again. I think it looks much better shorter. Might go back to shoulder length as it's a bit more manageable.

Not much else to report really! Waz is working the bank holiday Monday - YAY double time for him and also a day at home alone ( ish)  for me :D Fun times. Maybe I'll finish reading my collection of H.P.Lovecraft. Boy am I loving him - it took a few stories for me to get back into reading his wordy prose but now I am lapping it up. Oh yeah. Herbert West - Reanimator I think is my favourite so far. Here's a link :)

Will probably speak to you all then, then! Have a good weekend.

For all of you under threat of hurricane this weekend, please stay safe xxxxx


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