Sep. 28th, 2011

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Argh it's so hot today. This would normally be great. Yay Indian summer! Crack out the last minute BBQs and enjoy the sunshine.

Except I'm poorly. I woke up for work this morning - thanks to Waz - and couldn't gather a coherant thought. My whole body is aching, particularly my hips, ankles and shoulders I'm all spaced out and this morning it took several attempts to wake me before I decided more sleep was needed. I set my alarm to wake me enough to call into work and then I passed out. Usually I have to be up at about 6:30am for work and today my natural wake up time after the brief awakeness for calling in sick was... about 12:45. I could have slept longer but my empty stomach drove me out of bed.

I have a feeling an early night will also be in order and then I will be back at work tomorrow no problems. I'm not enjoying the heat combined with hot sweats however - that's pretty grim truth be told.

Mothers meeting is happening regardless though. Dinner is ready to go in the oven  and Waz will be raiding so some company will be good.

Also on a positive note I won the beautiful hat of beautifulness. Now to just hope it fits. I have a fairly tiny head but it's only a little bit bigger than what I measured my head at. We also booked a hotel room for Chalkie's 40th birthday bash so that's that sorted. It was pretty cheap too - thank you Travelodge. Just hope my pretty new corsets arrive in time. Then I need to think about jewellery. I'm thinking going to the amazing Chinese junk shops and grabbing some gloriously cheap fashion jewellery. I'm somehow enamoured with the idea of lizards. We'll see. Maybe a brooch is required.

Anywho, that's about it for now.


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