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Morning all my gorgeous F-listers :)
It's been a week already and I can't believe it's gone so quickly. This time next week I will be covered in facepaint in a field again. Can't believe that it's the last Maelstrom of the year already. 2011 you are flying by.

Work has been good if exceptionally busy. I had a minor tiff with one of my engineers yesterday and his rudeness complete with my PMSing lead to a bit of a row and a few tears on my part. I hate being female sometimes, these hormones make me crazy. He rang right back and apologised profusely for being an arse though so all is well. I think all the changes are making for short fuses on all sides but we're getting there slowly.

Tattoo! has been put on hold for a bit - partly because car troubles mean the £140 I had intended on spending on my tattoo went on fixing the car and partly because the tattooist I had in mind isn't responding to my emails and he's based in York so I can't really just stroll into the shop and ask him what's up and get things ironed out. So I have to go back to picking a tattooist. I am truly spoilt for choice here in Leeds so no problem there other than narrowing it down. Also as I am going to spend the best part of a week in a very dusty field very soon, waiting until after that seemed pretty sensible to me.

Waz and I had a date night last night. I love nectar points by the way. He drives a stupid amount for work and can collect nectar points at some petrol stations so every month or so we have enough points collected to go to the cinema for free! Last night we picked Conan which honestly was utter tripe. However, it was so B-movie-tastic and gratuitous in the way of violence and boobies and muscles and one-liners that we still really enjoyed it. Thankfully it didn't try to take itself too seriously and the acting quality was surprisingly good. The highlight has to have been Jason Momoa's abs :D But I wasn't dissapointed because I knew that was going to be the case for this particular film. Costuming was pretty intersting and generally it was a fairly good romp.

Came home at 11pm and went straight to bed because I was le tired.

Today I am off into town to meet Annie now she's back from the states and there will be cuddles and shopping and noodles. Need to pick up a few crafty bits and I want to get the yarn for the christmas blankie for his parents because GOOD LORD it's already SEPTEMBER. -_- Again I reiterate - where has 2011 gone? Christmas will be on me before I know it. Argh. Best get the hell on with the crafting.

Other news is fairly scarce. Stinky little brother is all lined up to move down to Portsmouth now and was great to see him last weekend.

Hrm. I guess that's it!

For those of you who are unaware of Joshua Radin who I have been listening to like a fiend all morning - take this in.

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So! This week has flown by :)

Monday saw New!Roleplay group for Middle Earth rolemaster. It has been a learning curve for us. 1) Listen to the healer girlfriend (that's me by the way) when she tells you not to loot corpses because hot!damn you will get brayed by evil ghosties almost to death and 2) I should have put more points into one of my weapon skills rather than stretching them over two because I do not like not dealing very much damage and bibmling about during combat.

Ah well. I am feeling the new character, her name is Lilandrae, will be the serene slightly stern type. I'm going for serious which will be novel because all my other table top characters so far have a shade of the ridiculous. This, of course, is in no way what so ever to roleplaying being after work and thus often sugar/caffeine fuelled.


Tuesday - Friday saw work, work, work, chilling out at home watching movies/ vampire diaries and not very much else of note as far as I can tell.

I emailed a tattooist and we're starting to enter conversation about my new piece - we'll see how that goes.

My hair is falling out a lot at the moment O.o' I'm not entierly sure why. When it gets as long as this I do notice that I lose more of it but it's starting to concern me somewhat. It's not coming out in chunks yet but I do get several hairs every time I run my fingers through it. Can't decide if it's just because its long that I notice my shedding more or if it's because my job is more stressful. Hopefully as I get used to things, my poor hair will stop fleeing from my head. The alternative being lopping it off again. I think it looks much better shorter. Might go back to shoulder length as it's a bit more manageable.

Not much else to report really! Waz is working the bank holiday Monday - YAY double time for him and also a day at home alone ( ish)  for me :D Fun times. Maybe I'll finish reading my collection of H.P.Lovecraft. Boy am I loving him - it took a few stories for me to get back into reading his wordy prose but now I am lapping it up. Oh yeah. Herbert West - Reanimator I think is my favourite so far. Here's a link :)

Will probably speak to you all then, then! Have a good weekend.

For all of you under threat of hurricane this weekend, please stay safe xxxxx
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:) So today is a good day. I get paid my first 'grown up' pay cheque tomorrow. First time I've been paid monthly, also I'm earning a fair bit more than I was through the agency so I was very squeaky when I found out that I have lots of pennies to play with for the first time in a loooooooooooong ass time.

Money will be sensibly set aside for rent/bills and I will buy a monthly bus pass and put some in my savings account to make up for the all the dipping I've been doing. The rest is for FUN TIMES. Maelstrom is soon so there's money for that. Also I want to take my boy out for dinner. And I will treat Annie when she comes up next weekend. Woot. =D

This Bank Holiday weekend we're off to my parents to see my little brother before he moves all the way down south and then Monday that is extra and off will be for pjs and sleeping (unless the Other Half comes up with something clever to do)

Following weekend is Annie visiting and there will be lunch and shopping and then who knows. :)

Also... just to make this day mega awesome? Vampire Diaries season 2 is finally on the Virgin On Demand :D So it is vampire three-way angst on The Big TV for me. =D Oh Damon, you break my heart. Nom.

Also Also Also... Tattoo plotting is going very well. Am at the stage where I'm looking for the right artist as my idea is a little more concrete and easier to describe.

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It's raining out... It's the sort of rain where I could quite happily sit inside listening to it all night. It makes me want to write - which is why I'm here I suppose. I really ought to peddle some of this meagre energy into all of the Ideas I have for stories/novels.

So many Ideas.

Too much Laziness.
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I woke up this morning, begrudging the early morning but really grateful for Waz's back to snuggle into and doze snuggled for half an hour before hauling myself out for a shower and work.

I went to work not stressed and contented for sleep and those cuddles.

I spent the day at work busy and under-pressure but laughing all the while.

I met up with Heather, my boss from Guide Dogs and we went back to hers and there was tea and catch up. Then she decided she would take me for dinner at a local restaurant - one of her favourites.

I ate amazing Italian food (mmm garlic, something I don't get to eat much because it gives Waz migraines, freak that he is) with great company and once again was amazed by the friendship slowly growing between us. She is a lady who makes me smile.

I caught up on all the gossip, felt loved for all the messages she brought with now ex-colleagues and generally felt at ease with her and myself.

I came home to my boy-man and tidied up a little, got into my pjs and soon there will be sleep times.

I slept well, did a solid days work, was spoilt rotten, have a full belly and now will have pre-sleep cuddles with the love of my life.

I am a lucky girl indeed today and not afraid to share it. It's nice to write positive things.
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....Well there is but I'm too sleepy to do it!

So have a pretty song instead.

Shame there isn't a proper video for it.

As a sort of PS...Tattooed lovelies on my F-List... I am sure you're familiar with the sensation and I wanted to share it. I feel I am right on the cusp of having my next ink settled in my mind. It's been mulling for months. I've picked my text and I have a distinct 'vibe' ... It's now all about finding a handful of references and a tattooist who can translate this inkling (pun intended...sorry.. I said I was tired okay?)... into bloody reality. It's a tingly feeling!


Aug. 10th, 2011 08:47 pm
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England is still rioting. My new job is sending out engineers to fix things so unsurprisingly some of our teams were swamped today putting buildings back into safe states again. Ugh. It's getting scary to be honest and I can only hope it calms down sooner rather than later. People are getting hurt and I don't think anyone is even that sure why anymore. Sirens keep going round our way and the coppers are out in force. Everyone stay safe tonight, eh?

On another note bus rides = much reading and I finished Sunshine.

Reading review:
Sunshine - Robin McKinley
Do Bother - If you're looking for a vampire/supernatural fiction with a refreshing approach to the old favourites
Don't bother - If you're looking for a good old raunchy vampire chick-lit
Overview - All in all an enjoyable read. A recomendation from my fellow LJ F-listers and wise they are. Constantine - the tasty and refreshing approach to vampirism really makes this piece. Sadly the whole book is viewed through Sunshine's eyes and she doesn't quite cut it for me - a little too dithering and the use of the 'er' while at first an interesting approach and gives it an 'in the now' feel of speech - gets tired. There are moments of sheer genius, the whole story itself is uplifting and it's great to read a vampire novel where I feel they've done some justice to the idea of vampires. Vampires as totally inhuman - flawed but haunting. Also dead-pan in more ways than one. It's just a shame that the story itself didn't quite live up to those ideas that made those genius moments. Also the ending SUCKED - pun intended.

Next up? Who knows!

My head is still full of cold and I keep getting this strange throbbing pain that comes sharply but briefly. It's kind of above and behind my left eye. It's annoying and a bit disturbing - I guess I'll be off to the quacks if it doesn't let up.

Peace out, Flisters.

Feeling odd

Aug. 8th, 2011 10:59 pm
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I feel full of cold and grouchy, not enough sleep, half character genned - yay Middle earth rolemaster means I get to play a poncy wood elf lay healer. Not as poncy as our high elf ranger. Nor as funny as our tiny hobbit rogue.

Feel like crap. The world is spinning.

Oh and my country is rioting O.o' I was in the backwaters of Wales all weekend - where there is no gas plumbed in anywhere, mobile reception is minimal and while there is internet access I feel exceptionally rude travelling nearly 3 hours to see his parents only to spend time on t'internet. So it wasn't until Sunday night that we found out about the riots going on.

Don't quite know what to make of it all to be honest.

Reading reviews:

Super Sad True Love Story - Gary Shteyngart:
Do bother - if you like near-futuristic introspective sci-fi
Don't bother - if you loved 1984 - it stinks of an attempt to be as good and pales in comparison
Overview - Should have played more obviously on the romance between Eunice and Lenny- it's largely used as a metaphor for how fucked up the USA/Modern world is which is great in theory but dissapointing in practice. Interesting use of the modern diary form (blogging) vs traditional diary form. Curious science-jargon was good. Believable setting and great exploration of possible and realistic scientific advances. Sadly 2D characters - with the exception of Eunice because she is tragic and seeing her view of herself via her blog and Lenny's over idiolised view of her is well executed for the most part. A lack of delivering the punch that it had the potential for made me sad when I finished it. Also and I say it again it felt like reading the Little Brother of 1984 without any of the punch.
Over all decision: Okay but glad I didn't pay for it.
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Hallo LJ!:) I have missed you guys. I've been having some real trouble getting LJ to load at all. This combined with being stupidly busy has made for a total lack of LJ blabbing.

I've had a right royal hoo-haa with a temping agency this week. They found me a temp placement, cocked up the assignment/contract decided they were going to offer me about 80p an HOUR less than originally agreed verbally and have been impossible to contact to rectify this balls-up. 80p an hour is £128.00 a month. That's pretty much what we spend on food these days. It's a lot to us. And I wouldn't have agreed to travel 45 minutes and spend £18.50 on buses a week for LESS than what I was on before. -_-

So after explaining all of this to my temp manager she pulled a few strings and they basically offered me an alternative position - in a more interesting role - on a permanent contact. ^-^ YAY!

And so I have a new job. It's exhausting so far but the first week in a new job is exciting and tiring, espcially when combined with a temp agency trying to arse-rape you. P.S. fellow UK citizens - avoid Roevin employment in Leeds the guy who was my agent is crap and the rest don't seem so on the ball either.

Maelstrom was awesome - much fun was had. I am still recovering.

This weekend is his parents Ruby wedding anniversary. Next weekend is Down South for a picnic should the weather hold. Busy busy busy.

I'd like a nice quiet day off soon please ^-^

Waz is good and looking well for sparkying again. He's sold his soul to P.D. and signed up as a member of the crew/sparky team. It means he gets discounts towards event tickets which is pretty mint and he gets to contribute and show of his skills for those who a) need the help and b) really appreciate it. Awesome-sauce.

New!Tabletop starts next Monday. There will be Rolemaster Middle Earth nonsense to report on. I've never placed Rolemaster before, I know next-to-nothing of Middle Earth having only seen the LOTR films and read the Hobbit once a very long time ago and I have never played with the guys I'm gonna be playing with. All good friends, all exciting, all the time? Not all the time but I am looking forward to it. I think I'm going to roll a healer class as I've done rogue and thump-monkey so maybe it's time for a magic user.

This post has gotten long so I will wrap up with my Three Things I am grateful for:

1)My new job - oh the relief of working with people who seem really awesome
2)Having some 'keen' back for all my hobbies. I'm crocheting again. I'm reading again (yay for bus journeys in that respect) I am happily busy when I come home in a relaxed manner
3)Lovely housemates who make me smile, Waz included. He bore the brunt of my grouchy this week and I am eternally in awe of how he puts up with it.
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I just watched The Breakfast Club again. I forgot how much I LOVE this film. :) Oh the teenage angst makes my heart flutter.

I also finished crocheting a hat whilst watching - so double yay. Only the hat was made with a friend in mind and I have a rather small head and it fits me nicely so I'm now concerned it's going to be too small for her. Small concerns - it only took a little while to make so I may unravel it back down to the increases and make it bigger tomorrow.

Tomorrow will comprise of job hunting and fabric shopping.

That is all.
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Holy shit I got my tax rebate and it was £400.00 so my pay cheque this week was the healthiest it's ever been =D. YAY. So being unemployed is less scary for a month or two. £200.00 straight in my savings account towards Wedding Fund. Bills/rent money set aside and some left over so I'm going to be really careful and make sure I don't spend it on stupid stuffs. Or anything at all really XD. My wage next Friday will also go straight in the bills/rent pot and then we'll go from there.

It means I can buy some crafty stuffs to keep me busy though. :) YAY.

Also yesterday Heather took me (courtesy of Graham) for an amazingly tasty lunch. Nom nom. Salvos - by far one of the best restaurants in Leeds. Today is booze-a-ma-hols for last day at work and next week is looking fun. Am going to enjoy my weekend and my time off and Maelstrom and try and keep my head up.

On an unrelated note - here are 100 facts about me which.. frankly are probably quite boring for you to read but certainly killed some time at work this morning!
100 things about meeeee )


Up & down

Jul. 21st, 2011 09:01 am
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Today I am feeling a great deal better :) YAY! Yesterday was pretty lovely, even though I was fairly groggy for most of it. Work was good, I wrote my 'goodbye' email inviting my colleagues out for a lunch time booze-a-ma-hol at our local and only cried a little. Then I rang the West Yorshire Archives Service to book myself in for a tour and chat with the archivist. Figured I might as well do something productive next week! I'd been emailing back and forth and sometimes a phonecall is just quicker.

The lady I spoke with was an absolute dear and I'm really looking forward to going to meet her on Wednesday. This is all with the view to getting this job at the university/ seriously considering librarianship.

Home, snuggled Waz and tasty dinner. :) One of my favourite things to do is wash his hair while he's in the bath. Is that weird? There's something very innocent and intimate about it at the same time. Plus omg his being back on building sites and doing electrical work again means he's in really good shape right now O.o' In need of a hair cut, but really fit. :D

Faffed with leaving presents, sorted my life out a bit more and then played NWN for a while. I'm going to try not to game -too- much and I think I will justify myself a small amount of my paycheck for some aida for cross stitch or something similar to embroider this on:

"Mind led body
to the edge of the precipice.
They stared in desire
at the naked abyss.
If you love me, said mind,
take that step into silence.
If you love me, said body,
turn and exist."

It's 'Vertigo' by Anne Stevenson.

Love it. That'll keep me busy anywho. And I must finish my jellyfish mobile - it's so close! But I need to find my clear jewelry wire to hang them off. Moving, it makes everything difficult to find.


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Wow what a long day. I tagged along to the beautiful new Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre today. It was awesome. As ever the people working for this organisation surprise me with their kindness and genuine love for their work and just alround nice people.

It meant I had to leave at 6am to get there for 9 and didn't get home until 6:30pm. That's a long ass day for me. THEN mothers meeting where I cooked up dinner - Kat thankfully helped prep and took care of pudding =D

Was lovely to see the girls, Waz is behind me reading and plotting for a new roleplay group (like we need another form of roleplay in our lives... but I doubt that will stop me!) and it's been a great day.

Sadly this has not stopped me in my mega tired state from not feeling very well equipped to deal with real life right now. The prospect of not going to work on Monday morning is making me sick. Not a single bite on any of the jobs I've applied for, nothing from my agency. SO I guess I'll be hitting all the other agencies next week and applying to everything under the sun including all those jobs I've so far excluded from bothering with because I don't want to be doing them.

Trying not to freak the fuck out. Trying really, really hard. And while it's made easier by lots of nice things happening as well...actually in some respects it's just exhausting me.

Thankfully the plan for this weekend is NOTHING and I fully intend on playing my piano, finishing my crochet jellyfish mobile and playing unforgivable amounts of computer games.

How's things with you, ladies and gents?
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So yesterday was pretty much the best day ever? Or at least the best I've had in a while ^-^ Waz and I trekked to Hull wherein there was aquarium happiness. There were all sorts of gorgeous sea creatures and randomness and omg little poison arrow frogs in the most breath taking shade of blue ever and jellyfish and so much giddy inducing pretty. Maybe I should have gone into marine-related research I'm sure I'd be happy. Oh hindsight you are a shitter.

After that we stopped on the way back for a quick coffee because oh MAN was it raining. Raining sideways. So we got soaked on the short walk back to the car. Then also on the way home the boy decided that lunch out would be nice so we did that. We stopped in one of out local pubs for a quick and relaxed bite and then came home for a few hours. Waz, bless him, took a nap and I snuggled him a bit while he snored and then started fussing with what to wear.

A short shower, left over cold pizza from the night before and dolling up later we head round the corner to Caroline and Leon's for pre-Wendy House boozing wherein I was surprised (totally surprised) with presents and birthday cake! Yay. I felt very spoilt and loved. Helen got me a rather lovely porcelain doll - she's all grown up and appeals to my tragic inner goth with her bride-in-black ensemble. She even has delicate little thin wooden wings. And she's a red-head so she appeals all round. Ann, who is a fantastic gift giver, made me a gorgeous purple and pearl dragon fly hair clip and a little half-apron with cherry appliques. I'm not sure if she made the pinny or not I forgot to ask but I think she did and it's beautiful. Plus Caz got me cake and bought me birthday drinks so I was truly spoilt all round.

I've never really been so spoilt before! I didn't organise anything party-wise this year so it was really nice to be made a fuss of, especially after the lame news on Thursday.

^-^ Yay. And now I think I shall go to T'Shop  and invest in baking materials so I can pretend to be a domestic goddess in my sexy new apron.
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I am sad to say that my temp contract at Guide Dogs ends next Friday. :o( With all of the stuff with the organisation change and people being put at risk of redundancy they've decided to let go of as many temp. staff from agencies as they can get away with and I fall into that category. It makes sense, it's completely fair, my boss has been brilliant about it and I hold no grudge or animosity but it still sucks. While the job is not challenging enough, was never going to be permanent and had no real career progression even if it was permanent... I still loved every minute of working with Heather and the rest of thems at Guide Dogs. The charity has a very special place in my heart and I am certain that this will not be the end of my relationship with them.

I've been promised a glowing reference and first call on any positions that might come up in the new and improved version of Guide Dogs and for that I'm grateful.

I'm going to tell the others in the office next week as it's one of the lady's 50th birthday and I wouldn't want to put a downer on that.

Now comes the job hunting in earnest. Augh I feel a bit sick at the prospect to be honest. First thing tomorrow will mean calling my recruitment consultant and putting her on my sorry case.

I'd really, really like to get a job I stay in for more than 7 months. That'd be nice.

Wish me luck guys, I'm going to need it.
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Yesterday was lovely ^-^ Went to work because otherwise I'd have been milling about on me own at home all day. Came home and opened me cards over a nice cuppa tea. Then my boy arrived home with flowers and announced we were going for dinner. I suggested Frankie and Bennies because damn their ribs are good and got all dolled up and off we went. Not before catching up with my awesome housemates and receiving lovely presents. Yay Neil Gaiman's American Gods and chocolate =D I'm a simple creature and very happy.

I also bought myself some pretty new bras because damn did I need them and I figured why not justify pretty lovely, well fitting (slightly pricy) ones by a) it being my birthday present to myself and b) buying on for a good discount off high-street prices. They should be here by the weekend.

Dinner was mega tasty and chilled out and then we came home and watched the latest episode of Camelot.

All in all quiet but sweet and I felt spoilt so yay. =D My birthday present from Waz being tickets to the aquarium has me mega-excited for the weekend as well. Heeeee.

Picture update soon methinks. (I keep promising, I know)

3 Things I'm grateful for
1) Waz!
2) Cake
3) Sunshine


Worky work

Jul. 7th, 2011 11:18 am
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Has been quiet this week. I pretty much went all day yesterday without a proper conversation. :o( It's enough to go crazy! Can't wait for Heather to get back. I hope she's enjoying her time off though.

Today has been a bit busier so far. Also I totally brought my sewing to work to fill time between jobs. I decided (somewhat last minute) to do a stitched piece for Char and Ann's wedding present. It's some of the lines of the reading they've asked me to do. I was so touched. I've never really be involved in a wedding before. Well apart from the weddings of my parental units. I hope they like it. I need to get most of it finished today so I can pick up a frame for it tomorrow.

Still loving walking to and from. It's down to a strong 45 mins walk. We'll see how I feel when the heavens descend upon me though which it looks very much like it will this afternoon.

Still don't know what I want for my birthday so have asked for tickets to go to the aquarium the weekend after my birthday. :o) Fishies! Jelly-ma-fishes! And all sorts of pretty, freaky things.

Things inside my head are a bit turbulant right now. I have to stop being so hard on myself, I really do.
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So I walked home last night too. Go me. I walked a total of just over 2 hours yesterday because I had to go to the bank at lunchtime as well. I feel great for it! So I think I'm going to walk to work two to three times a week if I can. We'll see how that goes. Although how I feel when I'm walking it in the rain I don't know - so far the weather has been gorgeous.

Got home last night, fed myself and the boy, showered, dolled up and scooted on over to a gorgeous little country pub where Ann and Char were having their little reception. They actually had the service yesterday and the big bash is at the weekend where I think they'll receive a blessing. Ann looked absolutely gorgeous as she always does. Utterly herself, really natural and the dress was perfect for her. I'm so so thrilled for them both. It was really chilled out, loads of my friends were there and it was just great to see everyone and share that day with them. I love our Ann, she's such a doll.

A tiny tiny part of me is very envious though.. I want to get married! :o(

Said goodbye to the Neko-chan for a week, she's off to her motherland of N.Ireland. I told her not to get petrol bombed. -_-

Work is quiet. Boss is off and I probably should have brought a book to read between stuff because it's pretty dead right now. Particularly today as our director is in a meeting for most of the day.

Falling Skies starts tonight - it looks pretty sa-weet. Otherwise though no plans for this evening. Might try and take pictures of my shrug. Maybe an early night. Maybe I can coax the boy into spending some quality time - we've been fairly neglectful lately. Sadly when he's on a downward turn so goes 'us'. I love him but when things aren't going the way he wants them to then he suddenly fails to see past the end of his own nose. I guess we're all guilty of that but it's not nice being on the receiving end of it and feeling a little neglected.

Patience and perseverance, I guess!

3 things I'm grateful for:

1 - My knee being stronger than I thought! It's not complaining at all inspite of the extra work I'm putting it through.
2 - Ann - she made such a blushing bride :o)
3 - The £200.00 of my deposit from the last house being returned. Yay. Straight into my savings account with you, I say!
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Walking to work this morning was awesome. 50 mins door to door and I feel great. Need to wear my backpack tomorrow rather than my handbag because it was a bit heavy towards the end. :o) 
Feeling much better this morning for it. Yay.

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Hey f-listers. How's tricks?

Life here is quiet this weekend. We were off to Brum but that fell through so we had a fairly quiet one. So instead we chilled out, did some shopping (ew Saturday afternoon shopping is almost hell on earth) and today had a rather tasty proper Sunday dinner with the new housemantes who are pretty darn awesome. Honestly I think another weekend of OH MY GOD I AM SO BUSY....would have been too much. I'm struggling to remember the last true weekend 'off' I've had from all social engagement and other such lovely nonesense that life has a habit of piling on me.

Of course, this means that I'm pretty blue/worn out this evening. I've had the pause to think about Stuff. Nothing major but I think the fact that house moving has been top of my list of Important Stuff for months and is now done with, combined with Waz being (temporarily thankfully) unemployed meant for a lot of stress that is now gone. Now I have very little occupying my mind which for most would be good but in my case it makes my all mopey. Now there is really nothing to work towards. I am job hunting for something more permanent as it looks more and more likely that I'll be out on my ear soon but haven't had a single bite yet.

I've been quietly crafting and have finished my shrug - yay. Pics forth coming I promise. There is other stuff that I want to do. I'm going to see what my stash holds and try and work through some of it - including finishing my green cardigan of icky doom. What's that? 'Reverse all shaping'...It's confusing me but I will perservere. Can't be that hard, right?

Mostly everything is unpacked and found homes for with the exception of my books because I still need a case for them. I joined the local library in an attempt to curve my book buying habit. We'll see how that goes.

I am also walking to work next week as Heather is on annual leave which is something I'm kind of excited about. I really hope it's not blindingly hot because I will just melt into a frizzy sweaty heap if it is. It's a good 45 minute walk I reckon and I hope it's not much more than that. I figure if I allow myself just over an hour it'll give me time to be hideously unfit and not be late.

Need a new usb cable for my walkman. Oh how I could have done with that this week.

Otherwise though it's just usual business and nothing much of note. Larp soon - not really feeling it right now though it is several weeks away. I have Ann and Char's wedding weekend first which should be lovely and then my own birthday which currently we have no plans for. I really can't be arsed sorting something. Waz keeps nagging me about what I want but I don't even know. He is the worlds worst shopper as well when it comes to presents - doesn't have a bloody clue. Definitely a case of encouraging him not to get me anything in case he spends silly amounts of money on something ridiculous and awful. That sounds really ungrateful but really... You have no idea! 

Argh early birthday blues now to add to the muddle in my head right now.

Have a pretty song instead of my bitching.


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