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:) So today is a good day. I get paid my first 'grown up' pay cheque tomorrow. First time I've been paid monthly, also I'm earning a fair bit more than I was through the agency so I was very squeaky when I found out that I have lots of pennies to play with for the first time in a loooooooooooong ass time.

Money will be sensibly set aside for rent/bills and I will buy a monthly bus pass and put some in my savings account to make up for the all the dipping I've been doing. The rest is for FUN TIMES. Maelstrom is soon so there's money for that. Also I want to take my boy out for dinner. And I will treat Annie when she comes up next weekend. Woot. =D

This Bank Holiday weekend we're off to my parents to see my little brother before he moves all the way down south and then Monday that is extra and off will be for pjs and sleeping (unless the Other Half comes up with something clever to do)

Following weekend is Annie visiting and there will be lunch and shopping and then who knows. :)

Also... just to make this day mega awesome? Vampire Diaries season 2 is finally on the Virgin On Demand :D So it is vampire three-way angst on The Big TV for me. =D Oh Damon, you break my heart. Nom.

Also Also Also... Tattoo plotting is going very well. Am at the stage where I'm looking for the right artist as my idea is a little more concrete and easier to describe.

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Oh Fridays... you are exhausting!

Work is okay. Dull but okay. Heather, my boss, agrees whole heartedly.

Yesterday saw Waz's birthday. 38 he is now, old codger in the making. We kept it a quiet one, I cooked tasty dinner and fed him wine and brought him a little cupcake with a candle to blow out. We then curled up with Inception which second time round is a fairly awesome film still. I got him The Script's newest album and some chocolate and on the way over from the states (I totally left it too late to order) is an Indians tshirt because he's a nerdy baseball fan. Nerd.

It was lovely.

Today he's in a foul mood because he's come down with a lurgy and has been stuck in traffic most of the day. So he's effing and blinding and muttering to himself. What a grump.

It's a good job I love him.

D&D in about an hour or so. Dinner in the oven. (Totally bought us a pre-made pastabake so I didn't have to cook again)

And tomorrow is lunch with Annie - Her treating me to Wagamama's (Yay) for my birthday which she will be away for (Boo) - and then Wendyhouse. I am contemplating outfit choices. To corset, or not to corset, that is the question. I love my corsets. I feel as though I ought to wear my over-bust black lacey job because I haven't worn it out much. I've not danced in it though. I won't be drinking much booze wise because I'm poor and perfectly capable of dancing without the Dutch courage so but the heat often drives me to consume vast quantities of water.

If in doubt I will wear my leather underbust which has never done me wrong. It is starting to show some signs of wear though and I think I'd like to try and keep it alive some longer.

Meh. Outfit blurb. Nobody's really interested in that are they?

Now - to rescue dinner from burning! And give it a nommy doom.


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