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^o^ We made it to the beach today. Yeeeey
Yesterday Waz woke up with a stinking headache so we had a slow morning, popped to see Thor in the afternoon and generally took it easy.
He's super nervous about his 6 month probation interview with work. Fingers crossed for us guys, things have been going pretty well for us two lately and we're both waiting for the imminent kick in the balls. Please don't let it be unemployment for him. Please, please, please.

To keep busy and cheerful Waz took me to the beach at Scarborough today. We hit up the North Bay, somewhat unintentionally because while I did do my reading and found out that there were two bays, North and South, and that one was quieter and less commercial and full of cheesy arcades etc than the other, I couldn't remember which was which by the time we got there. The North one turned out to be the quieter of the two. It meant that we accidentally avoided the 'true spirit' of the Blighty seafront - harbour/pier/candyfloss/neon lights/fun fair and instead got a stretch of gorgeous beach, small brightly coloured beach huts and it was generally less manic, all overlooked by the ruins of Scarborough Castle.

We paddled in the sea, sunbathed, gossiped, read, had fish and chips and ice cream and generally unwound and enjoyed each other's company.

It was glorious.

And I'm posting pictures mostly to prove that British summer is beautiful blue skies.

Sorry it's wonky O.o' My photography 'skills' were not present today, it would seem.Pictures! =) )
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Well... My two day working week is done =D Yay for public holidays and annual leave for epic amounts of highly emotional larp in the sun.

Too much to really process for my little brain both IC and OOC. It was an awesome event, much shit went down that I hadn't expected. I made real progress with the character in terms of finding new game, new friends and new layers to her that I didn't quite realise were there. This is all a bit vague I suppose, I'm quite tired!

Sadly I didn't get done half the stuff I wanted to, but I shall bump stuff up the priorities list in the hopes of getting round to see certain people next event. I am determined to book early for this one so that I can spread the cost a little. That way as well June and July feel less like they're going to wring me of all the few pennies that I have.

Life is still kicking my friends in the balls >.O' And I'm a days pay down this week because my agency cocked up my annual leave. It should be on next weeks payrun though (if it isn't I will start murdering people) so I shall simply use that money to pretty much pay for Strom, I think.

Plans for the long bank holiday are reasonably few. Tomorrow there will be Royal Wedding watching with cake and hopefully funny hats. I have a couple but wish I had something truly awfully royal worthy in the hat department. I did contemplate popping into the charity shops on the way home but decided I wanted to spend what little fun money I have this week on something more interesting.

Crafting has largely been put to one side in the Froth but I intend on getting some crochet done over the weekend but more pressingly I feel the need to draw/paint so I shall dig out my kit and have a bash.

I owe three people letters which I should also get done this weekend.

So the plan is:

Bake tasty cake for Royal Wedding celebrations
Get at least 3 loads of washing done while the weather is still nice
Write all my letters and get them ready to post first thing Tuesday
Begin one doodle/painting materials pending (I'm not sure where my paints are/if I have any)
Spend an hour crocheting
GET OUT OF THE HOUSE with Waz - we shall go and do something nice. Tempted to take him to see Thor but would also like to get out of Leeds. Not sure I can manage both even if we go dutch on both. I would be so happy to get out to see the sea though.
Stay in bed with Waz ^-^
Go for coffee/something with Neko-chan on Monday

4 Day weekend - GO! =D


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