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So yesterday was pretty much the best day ever? Or at least the best I've had in a while ^-^ Waz and I trekked to Hull wherein there was aquarium happiness. There were all sorts of gorgeous sea creatures and randomness and omg little poison arrow frogs in the most breath taking shade of blue ever and jellyfish and so much giddy inducing pretty. Maybe I should have gone into marine-related research I'm sure I'd be happy. Oh hindsight you are a shitter.

After that we stopped on the way back for a quick coffee because oh MAN was it raining. Raining sideways. So we got soaked on the short walk back to the car. Then also on the way home the boy decided that lunch out would be nice so we did that. We stopped in one of out local pubs for a quick and relaxed bite and then came home for a few hours. Waz, bless him, took a nap and I snuggled him a bit while he snored and then started fussing with what to wear.

A short shower, left over cold pizza from the night before and dolling up later we head round the corner to Caroline and Leon's for pre-Wendy House boozing wherein I was surprised (totally surprised) with presents and birthday cake! Yay. I felt very spoilt and loved. Helen got me a rather lovely porcelain doll - she's all grown up and appeals to my tragic inner goth with her bride-in-black ensemble. She even has delicate little thin wooden wings. And she's a red-head so she appeals all round. Ann, who is a fantastic gift giver, made me a gorgeous purple and pearl dragon fly hair clip and a little half-apron with cherry appliques. I'm not sure if she made the pinny or not I forgot to ask but I think she did and it's beautiful. Plus Caz got me cake and bought me birthday drinks so I was truly spoilt all round.

I've never really been so spoilt before! I didn't organise anything party-wise this year so it was really nice to be made a fuss of, especially after the lame news on Thursday.

^-^ Yay. And now I think I shall go to T'Shop  and invest in baking materials so I can pretend to be a domestic goddess in my sexy new apron.


May. 22nd, 2011 12:39 am
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Had a lovely night! My cake went down a treat. Oh man was it taaasty =) Got to see lots of friends and make a few new ones. Wasn't so up for it but home now and super glad I went. It's always worth it to see a few old favourites.

Sadly there wasn't fish and chips but pizza instead. But cake. Oh cake.
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Just got back from Whitby Goth Weekend related Ann's hen-do madness.

Not sure it was £75.00 worth of awesome to be honest but it was good. Friday night was spent getting to Whitby and then we dressed Ann up like a chav, nicknamed her Chardonnay and hit all the pubs that are totally geared up for the goth weekend complete with dares and nonsense.

Sadly, I did not enjoy this anywhere near as much as I could because my body rebelled and I didn't realise it was until I'd had a drink. I had two rum and cokes and quickly switched to water and soft drinks in the hopes of avoiding being ill...but not fast enough. I puked my guts up. I hate being ill. Argh I thought I was mostly better.

So Friday night I felt awful, slept, woke up with a banging headache that was quickly cured by chocolate biscuits and water, and then a proper breakfast.

Today we all dressed up - victorian lady inspired. We looked awesome. No dicing that one. There were 13 of us, a veritable gaggle and stopped many times for photos.

I saw the most amazing costumes, including a group of steampunk/Cthulu inspired nonsense which included a lady in a totally latex military uniform, complete with minature pith helmet AND a girl which had tentacles coming out of her bustle/on her hair piece and suckers on her face. I will try and post photos for you guys when they're up. Generally there wer lots of awesome get ups - loving the steampunk efforts with a passion oh yes. Also a lot of tragedy including a woman dressed up as 'Lady Godiva' in a bodystocking, with knickers on underneath that didn't fit so there was muffin-top and nudity. Scary.

Much madness. There was tea and cake. But there was also a helluva lot of waiting around - trying to herd 13 ladies is not an easy task.

Wish I could have afforded to stay tonight for goth pirates but as I have done goth pirates to death I don't feel quite so dissapointed. At £27 just to GET IN, I couldn't swing it alas. I still need to eat.

Thankfully whilst shopping I didn't see anything I couldn't make myself with a bit of effort/time and although there were many beautiful corsets, none that made me squeak/want to fork out the monies.

So my wallet was mostly saved, I got to flounce about in my own hand-made bustle =D and got to see some friends I hadn't seen in a looong while. Too long.

I didn't get to go to the beach but I did see the sea and I did eat fish and chips so that was something at least. I might try and convince people to go back for shopping because there are a million interesting shops/charity shops/tea houses to eat at to be done that we missed out on in the business. Generally I think I might be over the whole 'goth' thing and far more interested in more 'accurate' costuming for LARP these days. LARP gives me the excuse to dress up in awesome costumes - for a reason, almost. Rather than poncing about. And if I do fancy poncing, I shall go to our local goth night.

Don't think I could ever do it daily anymore. Way too much like hard work. Give me wild hair, ditzy prints and Dr' Marten's any day.

All in all a lovely weekend though, now I shall order some takeaway cause I am hungry, possibly have a bath and by that time it will almost be bed time!

Hope you guys had a lovely Saturday and tomorrow is restful.
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I don't usually campaign on here but please please please take a moment and vote for my friends Richard and Aileen to win their wedding day! ^o^ They totally deserve it!!!
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On the one side I am worrying for friends in Japan and East Asia right now. My heart goes out to them and everyone else affected by the natural disasters in that part of the world. Fortunately most of my friends I've heard from, all but one in Japan have been accounted for and I hope to hear about that last lady soon enough.

On the other side.... Eliza Doolittle gig tickets - Get! 


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