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Mar. 31st, 2011 08:29 pm
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I am all loved up again at the moment. =) It's nice when things babble along in a quiet and happy kind of way.

Life seems to be happening around me at the moment, rather than TO me, which is a nice break for me. Shit for all my poor friends who are having a really rough time of it, but a welcome break for my fragile little mind.

There was mention today of work possibly considering offering me a fixed term 6 month contract which to be honest would be perfect. I don't love my job but my colleagues are wonderful and it's convenient and that'll give me nearly a year in one place with a hint of job security, at least during the moving house period of my life.

Nothing concrete so I'm not going to get my hopes up. The alternative is not sending another SRR and this assignment ends in May and I have to job hunt seriously and house hunt seriously at the same time. I don't much want to think about that!!

Am contemplating evening courses/ CV enrichment. I'd love to do BSL - but courses are few and far between. Local college will have their part time prospectus up next month so if they offer an evening course I will dive on it. Otherwise I'm thinking TESOL... or hell just something crafty like millenry or sugar craft... I don't know SOMETHING. Where the money for this will come from I do not know but if I find something to get my teeth into I will save the pennies. Even if it doesn't happen until next year - it's something to strive towards eh?

Off to Eliza Doolittle tomorrow. Then lunch with Annie on Saturday. Hopefully a quiet and industrious day crocheting on Sunday.

I have designs on going to the aquarium sometime in the next month or two as well but LARP and other fun life things seem to be taking up a fair amount of weekend over the next 6 weeks so we'll see.

The auctions over at [ profile] help_japan have ended now, or the first round has anyway. And one kind soul bid $40.00 usd for the.. pleasure?.. Of a monthly postcard from me for the next 12 months. Plus birthday and Christmas card =D I'm excited for this project actually. I've already marked a day in my diary to remind me to post the card off each month and am going to stock up on stamps =) Yay! $40.00 towards the relief effort in Japan. 

Pretty tune for this update =) Enjoy! I am really digging his breathy voice.

Last but certainly not least!! To all you kind souls who voted for my friends to win their wedding.... WELL DONE!! WE did it! ^o^ They are now frantically preparing to walk down the aisle on the 29th April. Thank you so much for voting!


Mar. 15th, 2011 09:19 am
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I feel myself regressing..... Regressing....... Oh yes.

I spent several hours of last night revisiting some of my favourite jpop and jrock songs and wound up eventually watching the first episode of Chobits. I'd forgotten how much I love that show! It's nuts and very cute. Also I've engaged smug mode in some respects because I first watched Chobits prior to doing my degree and now I can watch it without any subtitles and no problems. Woot. Sometimes I feel justified in my somewhat-waste-of-my-time-degree.

I am now contemplating building my own tribute to the character Chii using my 60cm Obitsu body and a new head. With the application of a few accessories and some dressmaking I reckon I could have fun putting her together. I've always kind of wanted one and never gotten to it. SO, I might offer up some items for trade here on LJ. I'm mostly after a long long blonde wig with bangs, if I can get that in a trade then I should be able to justify the expense of the other stuff!

Anywho, that's it for now because I'm at work and actually have work to be doing.

In other news, I managed to raise $38.00 USD for aid for Japan, we haven't decided which charity yet, I'd like for it to go to the Red Cross effort I think.

Oh and also! more Sir David Attenborough of Physics yesterday Prof. Brian Cox. The Wonder of the Universe series is really soothing and makes you feel small. Yesterday I learnt we're all made of star dust. Everything is made of stardust. How mental is that.


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