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Today was a day of running around in the woods getting rained on larping. :) Local linear which we've been not quite getting round to for some considerable amount of time now. Finally we bit the bullet and it was pretty awesome in spite of the rain.

I have learnt several things.

1) I do not feel happy/comfortable larp fighting with glasses on. I can't see without them so until there are contact lenses in my life I will be sticking to characters that don't dive head first into the fray.

2) Comfortable boots will always be the most important part of kit. It was worth knocking up some furry greaves this morning to wear my Dr Martens and have dry, not sore feet.

3) My friends are awesome and most of them are amazing role players. Sadly some are not - some just not particularly safe fighters, some are a bit condescending out of character and some are just a bit annoying. This did not detract from the general fun of the day however.

4) I find men in armour deeply attractive  Crossed out because that's not really news. :)

So yes, a nice learning experience.

Then home and there was pizza and soon there will be Downton Abbey. Woo!

So off for that and then off to bed. Tomorrow is Monday and the start of another week.
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Larp is tiring. As is driving several hours to get there and back, pitching and taking down tents, not sleeping much and it being very hot.

Awesome weekend. Much good stuff happened. There was tea and cake and new friends and old friends, IC and OOC. All in all good stuff. Very Keen for the next event now but am going to have to ask for the ticket to go as a birthday present otherwise might not be able to afford it. House moving, it are expensive.

Had a lovely day yesterday, was at Jon and Chrissy's for dinner after work. Those two are more 'his' friends than mine but a gorgeous couple, really warm and really friendly and I look forward to getting to know them better. They've just recently (7 months ago recently) sprogged and the wee one is a super cute wee boy going by Ewan. They are fab parents (not that I know! But they seem happy doing it and have a really earthy, calm approach to it) and very much in love which is just great to be witness to. Needless to say we wound up staying far later than originally intended hence still being tired. Argh. So Tired.

Tonight was Mother's Meeting. A good un but sadly sans Emma. She got called away on Super Important Laweryly business. We caught up with Han and had chilli followed by lemon tart and swiss roll. Decadent and lovely. Lucky Han has been in Japan for the last month so there was lots of Japan related nostalgia and envy. It's great to have her back though, I missed her dopey ways.

House moving is almost upon us. Work is dull but mostly steady. Waz and I are off to Wales this weekend which I am VERY much looking forward to. Yes it's a fairly long way to go... but we get well looked after and it's always nice to see the in-laws who I am very fond of.

Also I got my birthday pressie from Cat and her mummy early. I'd been on about getting a sewing machine and it turns out that Cat's mummy, Babs, wheels and deals them at auction and stuff. The whole family were tailors don't you know and she knows her onions. So I have a lovely Brother sat on my table, patiently waiting to eat me. I hope it doesn't eat me and we get on well. I'm certain sewing machines are semi-sentient. Waz pouted though, apparently he had one in mind to get me. My birthday isn't for another month you understand. Poor bugger. He's so sweet and was on the right track totally with that one - generally he's a bit weak in choosing presents bless him. (Not that I can talk... I have totally failed to get him anything and his birthday is next week....We've agreed on the tasty dinner and pampering route but I have to get him SOMETHING.  Ergh. Stumped for ideas a little this year)
But anyway, it made no sense him forking out when Babs can get them for next to nowt. Yay sewing machine. I will let you know how the test drive goes.

2 Weeks till moving day. Packing must commence very soon.  And then Ann and Char's wedding which is a disaster in waiting - nothing is sorted, sleeping space is less than first thought thanks to the site allowing less tents than first promised... I have no idea what I'm going to wear... July is going to be a fairly busy one, I reckon. A wedding, my birthday and a birthday over in Brum and Maelstrom all mean there are no free weekends.  I think this year my birthday will be a quiet one. Can't really be arsed or afford a proper party or owt.

Anyway... This is long and mostly boring - sorry! So have a gorgeous tune to make up for it.

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Well, it's Wednesday. Work is dull, hence the post.
Househunting is done, just about. We've picked a house and are in the process of paperwork. I really, really need to call up and make the phone payment for our 'admin fees' - what a rip-off. Admin fees bug the crap out of me but I want that house and so does everyone else so we just gotta suck it up. Paperwork is ready to go but I forgot to bring Waz's form with all the other stuff to send off so it'll be in the post tomorrow morning. Man I've been slack about this. Most unlike me. It comes from being away all weekend I think - I'm just super off-kilter!!

Maelstrom tomorroooooow. I am excited! =D There were almost NO good pictures of me from last event which is sad times. A few crappy shots not worth sharing on here and that was that. I'm hoping to look fabulous enough to warrent camera attention this event and have some decent photos to share.

So much IC stuff to have fun with but I am dreading the rain. Please don't rain all weekend. Camping, roleplaying a character that requires facepaint and RAIN do not mix. I do not want to be a soggy cat-lady all weekend.

Tonight calls for packing, faffing and crochet! Woot. I am making my first ever item of clothing that isn't just a scarf or bag accessory type affair. It's a cardigan for meeeeeee. And it will be my cardi. And I hope it's too big rather than too small if the sizing is out cause at least then I can still wear it.

Things between Waz and I have been awesome. We had the most ridiculous asleep conversation last night. Sometimes when he's just past the verge of sleep he talks semi-coherantly with me Last night we had a vaguely in-depth conversation about 'om nom nom fishies'.. What kind of fishies?..'Salmon!' ...And what was with the salmon accordingly to my lovely, sleep addled boy? 'More salmon!!'

He is a sweet and simple creature.

This is me signing off for the weekend. Expect a long, frothy post, post-Maelstrom on Monday or Tuesday.

Have a lovely weekend guys!


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Well... My two day working week is done =D Yay for public holidays and annual leave for epic amounts of highly emotional larp in the sun.

Too much to really process for my little brain both IC and OOC. It was an awesome event, much shit went down that I hadn't expected. I made real progress with the character in terms of finding new game, new friends and new layers to her that I didn't quite realise were there. This is all a bit vague I suppose, I'm quite tired!

Sadly I didn't get done half the stuff I wanted to, but I shall bump stuff up the priorities list in the hopes of getting round to see certain people next event. I am determined to book early for this one so that I can spread the cost a little. That way as well June and July feel less like they're going to wring me of all the few pennies that I have.

Life is still kicking my friends in the balls >.O' And I'm a days pay down this week because my agency cocked up my annual leave. It should be on next weeks payrun though (if it isn't I will start murdering people) so I shall simply use that money to pretty much pay for Strom, I think.

Plans for the long bank holiday are reasonably few. Tomorrow there will be Royal Wedding watching with cake and hopefully funny hats. I have a couple but wish I had something truly awfully royal worthy in the hat department. I did contemplate popping into the charity shops on the way home but decided I wanted to spend what little fun money I have this week on something more interesting.

Crafting has largely been put to one side in the Froth but I intend on getting some crochet done over the weekend but more pressingly I feel the need to draw/paint so I shall dig out my kit and have a bash.

I owe three people letters which I should also get done this weekend.

So the plan is:

Bake tasty cake for Royal Wedding celebrations
Get at least 3 loads of washing done while the weather is still nice
Write all my letters and get them ready to post first thing Tuesday
Begin one doodle/painting materials pending (I'm not sure where my paints are/if I have any)
Spend an hour crocheting
GET OUT OF THE HOUSE with Waz - we shall go and do something nice. Tempted to take him to see Thor but would also like to get out of Leeds. Not sure I can manage both even if we go dutch on both. I would be so happy to get out to see the sea though.
Stay in bed with Waz ^-^
Go for coffee/something with Neko-chan on Monday

4 Day weekend - GO! =D
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So the weekend was in all respects made of awesome =)

Saturday saw some begruding shopping for bits for Larping next weekend but that was relatively quickly and painlessly over. Then Waz and I headed to Han's for BBQ good times. Company was good. Mood was relaxed. Food was tasty. Oh and there were toasted marshmallows and homebrew ale. All very good things. Hannah and Guy are always excellent hosts! Chilled out fun times.

Then I headed home and glammed up for Wendyhouse - our local goth night. The outfit I had planned to wear turned into a no no when the skirt I had picked turned out to be way too big for me at the moment so I had to run around like a mad thing to find something I wanted to wear. Not through lack of options but through my being fussy.

All prettified as best as I can manage I ventured up to the student union whereupon I saw lots of friends, particularly [ profile] klena  and [ profile] raineonthebrain who don't come out to play very much ^-^ I danced my butt off but avoided being trolleyed (...gazeboed) and so avoided hung over Sunday mornings. More fun had.

Sunday we ran over to the bunk barn we're hiring for our annual reunion - though people are being a bit slack this year so be prepared to hear lots of whining about my friends being rubbish in the lead up to this thing. It's in October, I'll try not to start early. But it is also the place that we met. We I mean Waz and I of course. It was somehow Fitting and Right to end up in the place that we met on the 10th anniversary of his wife's death. Her name was Alex, by the way. We somehow avoided all the gloom in the sunshine and instead I think Waz remembered her fondly, thoughtfully and happily. I hope so, anyway. Hardly any tears at least.

Oh and there was totally a pit stop in an amazing cafe that was only called 'Ye Olde Naked Man Cafe'  with one of the best milkshakes I've had in years. Ho ho ho.

This early part of the week has been brought to you by having many things to do and not enough time to do them. Tomorrow I have to bake epic amounts of cake, finish the washing, ensure everything is packed and prepped and ready to go and sadly Mothers Meeting is forfeit this week. It means I can also have a nice early night, enjoying the comfort of my own bed and not sleeping under canvas peacefully, for the last time for 4 nights. I like camping, I do, but even our extremely awesome airbed does not compare to Real Bed.

Right, now to go and see if my chocolate truffles are ready to shape and dust. =D Mmm..truffles.

Oh and my video this time is not music, but something that just keeps tickling me.


Apr. 5th, 2011 12:53 pm
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I am really fairly chirpy today =) the Frothing for Maelstrom (larp) has quietly begun, D&D roleplay last night was full of glorious in and out of character asides and innuendo, my ear problem is only wax and life is bubbling by beautifully. Plus there is a whisper of a 6 month fixed contract for me at work which means I have a notice period rather than being in the position they can end my contract at the drop of a hat AND a possible pay rise. Nothing certain. Fingers crossed.

Crochet work will take up this evening. I will finish this blankie - I will!

Oh and expect photos from whitby goth weekend and my date at Kirkstall Abbey this evening. =)


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