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S'been a while f-list.

Life has been pretty good lately, if stressful.

Waz and I have been going through a worrying health related period. He's fine, pretty much got the all clear and just a follow up appointment in 6 weeks to ensure he's definitely fine and he doesn't have anything sinister at all. It's been hard though and taking a fairly serious toll on our some aspects of our relationship whilst at the same time bringing us closer together.

With this my step-dad has also been in and out of hospitals for tests. He's finally agreed to find out what actually is wrong with him. So far they have several avenues to explore because he has several possibly unrelated health issues. It's a constant waiting game. We have a bit of an argument on the phone about it the other day because I finally told him how I felt about living with not knowing what was wrong with him and him doing nothing about it for 5 years and how he doesn't know everything and he's just scared and I was proud of him for finally manning up about it but he didn't take it well and wound up putting mum on the phone.

She's coping well as usual. She's a stronger lady than she gives herself credit for.

We've had lots of social occasions - birthdays and things which have been welcome distractions and this will only continue.

Last weekend his parents were up which was lovely, if a bit exhausting. Weekend before that was Ann's murder mystery party. 1840s wild west extravaganza that was :D Yestereday was Leon's 80s movies themed party and Wendyhouse. I didn't make it to Wendy but I did get to dress up as Rachael from Bladerunner and that was pretty fun.

Work is still driving me a bit mad and Waz thinks the project he's working on is coming to an end so he's looking elsewhere.

Christmas planning is going well. I've decided to throw a Christmas party at ours because it was high time I hosted something! So I've got that to look forward to - plus I have Jay's 40th bash which falls in the middle of a 6 day stretch of annual leave. It is a weekend away at a castle and we're having a medieval style banquet and it's gonna be lovely I've probably posted about this already but I'm excited! I I am really in need of some time out not least to do Christmas prep/crochet/crafting and some very serious unwinding. I also have 2 days booked to make a nice 4 day weekend in a few weeks as well - thank goodness.

Not much else to report really.     
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Work today was mega busy and stressful in that mega busy good way. Got everything I meant to done. Gayle was a star as always. Then off for a quick post work beer with one of the Big Bosses down from Scotland and some of the team. Home and then pizza. Plus slightly tipsy shopping decisions in relation to Chalkie's big bash at the end of the month. I justified the big piece of red costume jewelery which I was debating over because I own nothing red to wear with and am borrowing Marmie's red dress for the deciding to just buy a nice big red frock in the nearish future. Problem solved, right? =D

I also came home to a Christmas like stack of self-presents from T'Internet. My underskirt came ^o^ Yay I finally have my own hoops! And my amazing hat of amazing. It's ancient - actually from te 1920s and it's beautiful. =D It has that amazing 'old' smell which some, understandably, dislike, but I fell in love with the first time I went into a second hand book shop. (Also my bus pass. Less exciting by far.)

My NaNo is happily plotting itself in my head. I need to write down more of this plotting so I can make room in my memory bank for more plot. I currently half half a slice of stuffed crust pizza to finish and then I'm gonna go and snuggle my gorgeous boy whilst watching inane TV and crocheting.

Life is pretty good today.
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The wind is howling and the rain is pouring. Oddly enough this is some of my favourite weather. I'm such a freak. I love spending it sat instead listening to the wail of the wind and the lashing of the rain on the windows with cuddles.

I have no cuddles and my poor boy is sleeping in a tent more then 3 hours away.

Still only one more day of work and I am on holiday until Tuesday next.

Also I had a nice girl-date with ex-housemate-Cat. I think she finally realised we hadn't spent time together lately and it wasn't through lack of MY trying. Good gods. Was good as there was sushi and drinks and gossip.

Also also, I am writing. Well I am in the planning stages anyway. I feel that finally this story of mine will come to some sort of existence and it feels good. I'm pumped up and thinking about it every spare thought and plotting and planning and hoping that if I plot and plan I will actually get to the end of it with some semblence of what may or may not be a novel. I think the dark nights drawn in will help.

Also also also I discovered I can download stuff from BBC iPlayer and my clever little mp3 player can play them. I've only had this thing since 2009. Heh.

Night fListers - don't let the bed bugs bite.  
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So! This week has flown by :)

Monday saw New!Roleplay group for Middle Earth rolemaster. It has been a learning curve for us. 1) Listen to the healer girlfriend (that's me by the way) when she tells you not to loot corpses because hot!damn you will get brayed by evil ghosties almost to death and 2) I should have put more points into one of my weapon skills rather than stretching them over two because I do not like not dealing very much damage and bibmling about during combat.

Ah well. I am feeling the new character, her name is Lilandrae, will be the serene slightly stern type. I'm going for serious which will be novel because all my other table top characters so far have a shade of the ridiculous. This, of course, is in no way what so ever to roleplaying being after work and thus often sugar/caffeine fuelled.


Tuesday - Friday saw work, work, work, chilling out at home watching movies/ vampire diaries and not very much else of note as far as I can tell.

I emailed a tattooist and we're starting to enter conversation about my new piece - we'll see how that goes.

My hair is falling out a lot at the moment O.o' I'm not entierly sure why. When it gets as long as this I do notice that I lose more of it but it's starting to concern me somewhat. It's not coming out in chunks yet but I do get several hairs every time I run my fingers through it. Can't decide if it's just because its long that I notice my shedding more or if it's because my job is more stressful. Hopefully as I get used to things, my poor hair will stop fleeing from my head. The alternative being lopping it off again. I think it looks much better shorter. Might go back to shoulder length as it's a bit more manageable.

Not much else to report really! Waz is working the bank holiday Monday - YAY double time for him and also a day at home alone ( ish)  for me :D Fun times. Maybe I'll finish reading my collection of H.P.Lovecraft. Boy am I loving him - it took a few stories for me to get back into reading his wordy prose but now I am lapping it up. Oh yeah. Herbert West - Reanimator I think is my favourite so far. Here's a link :)

Will probably speak to you all then, then! Have a good weekend.

For all of you under threat of hurricane this weekend, please stay safe xxxxx
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Hallo LJ!:) I have missed you guys. I've been having some real trouble getting LJ to load at all. This combined with being stupidly busy has made for a total lack of LJ blabbing.

I've had a right royal hoo-haa with a temping agency this week. They found me a temp placement, cocked up the assignment/contract decided they were going to offer me about 80p an HOUR less than originally agreed verbally and have been impossible to contact to rectify this balls-up. 80p an hour is £128.00 a month. That's pretty much what we spend on food these days. It's a lot to us. And I wouldn't have agreed to travel 45 minutes and spend £18.50 on buses a week for LESS than what I was on before. -_-

So after explaining all of this to my temp manager she pulled a few strings and they basically offered me an alternative position - in a more interesting role - on a permanent contact. ^-^ YAY!

And so I have a new job. It's exhausting so far but the first week in a new job is exciting and tiring, espcially when combined with a temp agency trying to arse-rape you. P.S. fellow UK citizens - avoid Roevin employment in Leeds the guy who was my agent is crap and the rest don't seem so on the ball either.

Maelstrom was awesome - much fun was had. I am still recovering.

This weekend is his parents Ruby wedding anniversary. Next weekend is Down South for a picnic should the weather hold. Busy busy busy.

I'd like a nice quiet day off soon please ^-^

Waz is good and looking well for sparkying again. He's sold his soul to P.D. and signed up as a member of the crew/sparky team. It means he gets discounts towards event tickets which is pretty mint and he gets to contribute and show of his skills for those who a) need the help and b) really appreciate it. Awesome-sauce.

New!Tabletop starts next Monday. There will be Rolemaster Middle Earth nonsense to report on. I've never placed Rolemaster before, I know next-to-nothing of Middle Earth having only seen the LOTR films and read the Hobbit once a very long time ago and I have never played with the guys I'm gonna be playing with. All good friends, all exciting, all the time? Not all the time but I am looking forward to it. I think I'm going to roll a healer class as I've done rogue and thump-monkey so maybe it's time for a magic user.

This post has gotten long so I will wrap up with my Three Things I am grateful for:

1)My new job - oh the relief of working with people who seem really awesome
2)Having some 'keen' back for all my hobbies. I'm crocheting again. I'm reading again (yay for bus journeys in that respect) I am happily busy when I come home in a relaxed manner
3)Lovely housemates who make me smile, Waz included. He bore the brunt of my grouchy this week and I am eternally in awe of how he puts up with it.
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Well, it's Wednesday. Work is dull, hence the post.
Househunting is done, just about. We've picked a house and are in the process of paperwork. I really, really need to call up and make the phone payment for our 'admin fees' - what a rip-off. Admin fees bug the crap out of me but I want that house and so does everyone else so we just gotta suck it up. Paperwork is ready to go but I forgot to bring Waz's form with all the other stuff to send off so it'll be in the post tomorrow morning. Man I've been slack about this. Most unlike me. It comes from being away all weekend I think - I'm just super off-kilter!!

Maelstrom tomorroooooow. I am excited! =D There were almost NO good pictures of me from last event which is sad times. A few crappy shots not worth sharing on here and that was that. I'm hoping to look fabulous enough to warrent camera attention this event and have some decent photos to share.

So much IC stuff to have fun with but I am dreading the rain. Please don't rain all weekend. Camping, roleplaying a character that requires facepaint and RAIN do not mix. I do not want to be a soggy cat-lady all weekend.

Tonight calls for packing, faffing and crochet! Woot. I am making my first ever item of clothing that isn't just a scarf or bag accessory type affair. It's a cardigan for meeeeeee. And it will be my cardi. And I hope it's too big rather than too small if the sizing is out cause at least then I can still wear it.

Things between Waz and I have been awesome. We had the most ridiculous asleep conversation last night. Sometimes when he's just past the verge of sleep he talks semi-coherantly with me Last night we had a vaguely in-depth conversation about 'om nom nom fishies'.. What kind of fishies?..'Salmon!' ...And what was with the salmon accordingly to my lovely, sleep addled boy? 'More salmon!!'

He is a sweet and simple creature.

This is me signing off for the weekend. Expect a long, frothy post, post-Maelstrom on Monday or Tuesday.

Have a lovely weekend guys!


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So.... Still on the vampire kick. Totally didn't spend £38 on Amazon (including my copy of Sunshine - yay! I look forward to reading that [ profile] zagzagael and [ profile] joey112  I shall let you know how I find it!) on random stuff we don't really need. Did book for Maelstrom. Have looked at several houses today. One was lovely but need to call the council about parking because it's on a main road there are permits involved. If we can get two for both our cars we might be on to a winner. Although I'm hopeful for the few we're due to look at this week as well. My turn to book viewings so I'll see if we can get one or two more in on Saturday.

Also, I have an interview! It's also for the job that I really liked the sound of. In town centre (ish) and for £2K more a year + more responsibility. It's for an accountacy firm but they seem pretty cool. The interview will tell. It's a group interview though, whatever that means. >.< Seminar  + questions I think. They made me call up and leave a message answering three questions.

What do you believe are your 3 strongest attributes?

What 3 things most attracted you to this position?

What 3 things are you most passionate about in life?

Argh. I babbled but... hopefully not too much. I babble when nervous. But hey ho - I think I was true to myself. This is my new resolve in job hunting. I am going to be professional but true to myself. If they don't like me then I don't want to work for them. Life is too short for anything else? Right? Or am I being naive? Meh.

Eurovision this evening. There is a party but it's at the run down bio-hazzard residence of some of my friends. Ick. That's long story but at any rate I'm not sure I want to chill out with the mould on their ceiling whilst watching it.

Also feeling somewhat anti-social and tired. Early starts on a Saturdays always suck.

Thing is it's now nearly 4pm and although we were up and out and looking at houses by 9am I feel as though I've done little today. I played piano for the last hour. Now what? 

Loved up

Mar. 31st, 2011 08:29 pm
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I am all loved up again at the moment. =) It's nice when things babble along in a quiet and happy kind of way.

Life seems to be happening around me at the moment, rather than TO me, which is a nice break for me. Shit for all my poor friends who are having a really rough time of it, but a welcome break for my fragile little mind.

There was mention today of work possibly considering offering me a fixed term 6 month contract which to be honest would be perfect. I don't love my job but my colleagues are wonderful and it's convenient and that'll give me nearly a year in one place with a hint of job security, at least during the moving house period of my life.

Nothing concrete so I'm not going to get my hopes up. The alternative is not sending another SRR and this assignment ends in May and I have to job hunt seriously and house hunt seriously at the same time. I don't much want to think about that!!

Am contemplating evening courses/ CV enrichment. I'd love to do BSL - but courses are few and far between. Local college will have their part time prospectus up next month so if they offer an evening course I will dive on it. Otherwise I'm thinking TESOL... or hell just something crafty like millenry or sugar craft... I don't know SOMETHING. Where the money for this will come from I do not know but if I find something to get my teeth into I will save the pennies. Even if it doesn't happen until next year - it's something to strive towards eh?

Off to Eliza Doolittle tomorrow. Then lunch with Annie on Saturday. Hopefully a quiet and industrious day crocheting on Sunday.

I have designs on going to the aquarium sometime in the next month or two as well but LARP and other fun life things seem to be taking up a fair amount of weekend over the next 6 weeks so we'll see.

The auctions over at [ profile] help_japan have ended now, or the first round has anyway. And one kind soul bid $40.00 usd for the.. pleasure?.. Of a monthly postcard from me for the next 12 months. Plus birthday and Christmas card =D I'm excited for this project actually. I've already marked a day in my diary to remind me to post the card off each month and am going to stock up on stamps =) Yay! $40.00 towards the relief effort in Japan. 

Pretty tune for this update =) Enjoy! I am really digging his breathy voice.

Last but certainly not least!! To all you kind souls who voted for my friends to win their wedding.... WELL DONE!! WE did it! ^o^ They are now frantically preparing to walk down the aisle on the 29th April. Thank you so much for voting!
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Today I had some interesting phone conversations.

Me: "Hello Wayne, what can I get you?" (reading our internal clever phone system that tells me who's calling)
Collegue in outrageously awful German accent. "Ah hah, but it's not Vayne,"
"Hallo Graham, what can I do for you?"
"You alright petal, you sound like you've been crying,"
"Yeah I'm grand, just full of snot to be honest"
Colleague laughs. "Ehh they don't answer the phone down here in Reading like that you know. Never would you hear the mention of snot."
"Yeah well, I thought you'd appreciate my rotten Northern ways,"
"I do, and don't you ever change,"

Point to make is that the gentleman was our acting Director of my department and a good Lancashire man =) He's ace and made my day by getting my sense of humour and appreciating that I am indeed, full of snot and not scared to admit it. I guess this is one reason why I don't feel comfortable in what might be termed a 'proper' corporate environment but it depends on the company I suppose.

The second one was from a Japanese PhD student looking for some stats on guide dogs and VI people etc and so on. I think I scared the pants off him and made his day with my butchery of his language. Still, things went a lot quicker after I politely asked if he minded if I tried to speak Japanese at him.


In a sadder vein, my poor elderly gerbil finally passed away last night. He was ancient and died of it is all, but still sad. Mr Bo was always my favourite and he shall be sorely missed. RiP little fluffy critter. Amazing how much of your heart they take with you when they go.

As a final note, I am love love loving these guys right now. Right up my alley. Hope they're up your alley too. xxx

Now to go and butcher a bustle.
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Life has been..interesting..this past fornight or so. Lots of being kicked in the balls for both myself and friends/family.
My boy and I have had some fairly serious heart-to-hearts and ironed out a few creases. We've not yet crossed the 18th month hurdle as it were so I guess it was hard to go through our first real 'bad patch'.

Conversation and lots of cuddles and lots of honesty have sorted those few hiccups and things are better between us now than ever.

Relationships are hard. No denying that.

I've been sick as a dog on and off as well which doesn't help. Particularly last night where my body decided to wage full rebellion against me, complete with digestive pyrotechnics. Ick.

We had plans for today that involved the shopping for materials and creation of a bustle. The first part was successful, but the thought of going anywhere near that sewing machine - which by the way hates me at the best of times - is not something I relish. So I tried to finish up some crochet and am about to settle into Chobits instead.

Had semi-plans to attend a doll meet tomorrow but Kai needs his lip ring reattaching as I'd want to take him more than anyone else. Also if I'm feeling anywhere as feeble as I do now in the morning there's simply no chance. I'd rather spend the day in bed, catching up with laundry and trying to get ahead with this gorram blanket that seems endless.

Loving this song right now.
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On the one side I am worrying for friends in Japan and East Asia right now. My heart goes out to them and everyone else affected by the natural disasters in that part of the world. Fortunately most of my friends I've heard from, all but one in Japan have been accounted for and I hope to hear about that last lady soon enough.

On the other side.... Eliza Doolittle gig tickets - Get! 


Mar. 8th, 2011 09:03 pm
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Today there were many pancakes! They're one of my favourite foods so today was a perfect excuse to have some friends over and nom many many pancakes. My boy did the cooking and I did the hosting and it was an enjoyable, relaxed kind of evening.

Life seems to be dumping on everyone at the moment - what a nightmare! 2011 hates everyone, I think. Well it can shove off - spring is in the air and things need to start looking up.

I forgot to mention that I went to a knitting circle in town on Saturday - Knit and Knatter. It was most enjoyable. I was nervous I must admit - it's pretty out of character me to just join up to things and go and not chicken out. But everyone there was nice, and I hope that I get to meet the other ladies and maybe a few more sign up. But not too many! A little circle is good for me, I feel.

I'm almost done with making the squares for my blanket, so now I just have to do the last few, block and stitch it all together. Depending on how big this thing is when it's one piece instead of it's little squares will decide how big a border edging I do - but I'd like to do something interesting. Temptation is to go frilly...but the pattern of the squares are just that - they're very ...square. We'll see eh?

I'll post pictures when it's all done with.

I've also just started working a wool/mohair loop in the best shade of teal/blue into a bag. By just started I've really only done... like four rounds so I have a coaster at the moment but that will come together quite quickly I reckon, when it gets going. When I get going.

Again, there will be pictures of yarn crafts soon :o) I have a crochet cthuhlu to put eyes on as wel =D

My muse is all over the place at the moment I must admit...I have 501 THINGS that I absolutely positively MUST do RIGHT NOW frying my brain from the inside but not the time to get to grips with any of it so I am trying to prioritise. I think this will be aleviated with the end of this blanket for my mum - it's my first 'big' project and considering that I started it shortly after Christmas, the fact I've stuck at it this long at all is fairly impressive for me.
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Well... That was a weekend and a half! My best  friend is going through some serious family matters and drama at the moment and to make things worse her beloved cat died yesterday so I'm really feeling for her right now. My heart goes out to her, truly.

Otherwise I spent the weekend cleaning and tidying the house. It is now back in a state where I feel happy having people over, as opposed to slightly ashamed.... AND we finally have a mop. It's sad that it took us this long to remember to bring one home whilst shopping. I put it to good use and the kichen floor is now clean.

I also baked flapjacks of the cherry and chocolate variety. Don't know how they taste yet as I baked them late last night and left them overnight to cool down. I have one here with me for lunch today.

Currently I am very much enjoying Prof. Brian Cox's TV programs. He's like the David Attenborough of physics. Last night we watched Wonders of the Universe and I was soothed by the profound physics debate on 'The Arrow of Time'..learnt what entropy means in a physics sense and cooed over the pretty pictures. I recommend any show with him in it highly for he is strangely relaxing and compelling to listen to in his nerdy way.

On another note I have a banging headache coming on and have not gotten anywhere with my crochet over the weekend so now must do 3 or 4 squares tonight in order to keep on schedule.



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