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HOT I say. Today is not the sort of day to be cooped up indoord deep-cleaning a kitchen. Nope. But that's what I'm doing.

This will be my last post from Student-Ville. The computer goes over to the new house tonight and internet in the new house tomorrow so I won't be out of action or anything.

I'm currently sat in an almost bare room - just one of my prints on the wall, the computer and the washing that is drying waiting to come on over.

Waz and I have been at it non-stop since Friday night, moving and shifting and cleaning. Soon to be ex-housemate Cat hasn't done a thing yet. Already we've packed her kitchen stuff and the stuff she left in the lounge and moved two car loads for her. What's left for her is the BOMBsite that is her bedroom. It's tragic. At this rate she's going to have to throw it all in bin-bags and move it that way. We should have brought some of our moving boxes back for her really but we haven't unpacked very much yet. Plus she hasn't spoken to me in weeks. The only time I've heard from her is if I've texted her first and only if I ask a direct question do I stand a chance of getting a reply. Her other half is tearing his hair out because she's just being shit about it all. The stupid cake-topper on the whole matter is that she is moving a MASSIVE distance of two streets over. I'm not even being snotty there, it's a 2 minute walk and 2 streets over and she has keys because she's moving in with her poor boyfriend. She could have been moving MONTHS AGO because she's never freaking here anyway.

But no. She's leaving it until the day before our inspection and key-hand over.



In less infuriating news the new house is lovely. The mattress on our bed sucks but we'll get our own I think because with Waz's dodgy back investing in a nice memory foam jobby will be money well spent I feel. Other than that the important things like the kitchen and the shower are a treat. Last night Kat and I cooked up a chilli and nachos feast and there was beer and movies and it was a great way to have our mini housewarming.

Today has been spent entirely on cleaning the kitchen. Ick. Soon I will chill out though. Chill out, feed my boy and maybe have a naaaap. And a shower, a nice cool one because lordy lord it is warm.

Looking back over the year here it's been.... emotional. This bedroom was the first one that Waz and I have shared and lived together in and I will miss it for that. We've gone through a great deal this past year here and I have grown a hell of a lot. We moved in just before my graduation from university and here I am a year later in a sucky job I dislike but at least I've got a job, he's unemployed, we're both barely managing to keep on top of our finances and life doesn't seem to be getting much better any time soon in that respect. But... I think truly Waz and I have only grown stronger as a couple for all the hardship and hell, it's not been all bad! This house has seen some great nights - lots of fun roleplay, lots of quiet nights in, a fair(ish) share of Mothers Meetings and some really lovely nights 'just us'.

I guess now that only time will tell what the new house will bring.


Jun. 21st, 2011 11:08 pm
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I'm kinda nervous about tomorrow....House moving begins. Also house planning begins. We still haven't ironed out where the rent is going to come from bank account wise (there are four of us so it really needs to come from us all in one place so it's easier for the letting agent) or bills, or anything. Nothing is sorted in that regard. I think there might be some ego/organising issues a bit at first because we will want things done, done now, done their way. Eep.

I just hope beyond all hope that everything goes smoothly. Or you know, as smoothly as possible.

Oh, I feel much better by now =) But jittery. And also needing chocolate. Or cake. Or both.


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