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By far.... home made pancakes! The random ones we have late at night because we fancy them. W makes them, I prepare the toppings and we curl up on the sofa together with crappy TV and enjoy the pancake-y goodness.


Mar. 8th, 2011 09:03 pm
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Today there were many pancakes! They're one of my favourite foods so today was a perfect excuse to have some friends over and nom many many pancakes. My boy did the cooking and I did the hosting and it was an enjoyable, relaxed kind of evening.

Life seems to be dumping on everyone at the moment - what a nightmare! 2011 hates everyone, I think. Well it can shove off - spring is in the air and things need to start looking up.

I forgot to mention that I went to a knitting circle in town on Saturday - Knit and Knatter. It was most enjoyable. I was nervous I must admit - it's pretty out of character me to just join up to things and go and not chicken out. But everyone there was nice, and I hope that I get to meet the other ladies and maybe a few more sign up. But not too many! A little circle is good for me, I feel.

I'm almost done with making the squares for my blanket, so now I just have to do the last few, block and stitch it all together. Depending on how big this thing is when it's one piece instead of it's little squares will decide how big a border edging I do - but I'd like to do something interesting. Temptation is to go frilly...but the pattern of the squares are just that - they're very ...square. We'll see eh?

I'll post pictures when it's all done with.

I've also just started working a wool/mohair loop in the best shade of teal/blue into a bag. By just started I've really only done... like four rounds so I have a coaster at the moment but that will come together quite quickly I reckon, when it gets going. When I get going.

Again, there will be pictures of yarn crafts soon :o) I have a crochet cthuhlu to put eyes on as wel =D

My muse is all over the place at the moment I must admit...I have 501 THINGS that I absolutely positively MUST do RIGHT NOW frying my brain from the inside but not the time to get to grips with any of it so I am trying to prioritise. I think this will be aleviated with the end of this blanket for my mum - it's my first 'big' project and considering that I started it shortly after Christmas, the fact I've stuck at it this long at all is fairly impressive for me.


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