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Aug. 8th, 2011 10:59 pm
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I feel full of cold and grouchy, not enough sleep, half character genned - yay Middle earth rolemaster means I get to play a poncy wood elf lay healer. Not as poncy as our high elf ranger. Nor as funny as our tiny hobbit rogue.

Feel like crap. The world is spinning.

Oh and my country is rioting O.o' I was in the backwaters of Wales all weekend - where there is no gas plumbed in anywhere, mobile reception is minimal and while there is internet access I feel exceptionally rude travelling nearly 3 hours to see his parents only to spend time on t'internet. So it wasn't until Sunday night that we found out about the riots going on.

Don't quite know what to make of it all to be honest.

Reading reviews:

Super Sad True Love Story - Gary Shteyngart:
Do bother - if you like near-futuristic introspective sci-fi
Don't bother - if you loved 1984 - it stinks of an attempt to be as good and pales in comparison
Overview - Should have played more obviously on the romance between Eunice and Lenny- it's largely used as a metaphor for how fucked up the USA/Modern world is which is great in theory but dissapointing in practice. Interesting use of the modern diary form (blogging) vs traditional diary form. Curious science-jargon was good. Believable setting and great exploration of possible and realistic scientific advances. Sadly 2D characters - with the exception of Eunice because she is tragic and seeing her view of herself via her blog and Lenny's over idiolised view of her is well executed for the most part. A lack of delivering the punch that it had the potential for made me sad when I finished it. Also and I say it again it felt like reading the Little Brother of 1984 without any of the punch.
Over all decision: Okay but glad I didn't pay for it.
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I feel like craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap.

Head is woozy, vision somewhat blurry and I keep getting this dull pain behind/above my left eye right in my head. Weights on my eyelids and bed is calling.
It's 13:11 in the afternoon. Fuck you body I need to stay in work today. Can't afford to not work at the moment. Don't have the annual leave to take off really. Thankfully I can just sit here and do little as I've already done most of my work for the day and it's stupendously quiet in the office right now.

I imagine a pre-Mother's Meeting nap may be in order.


May. 20th, 2011 10:31 pm
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Argh I am SICK of being ill. =(
Spent the whole day with a heavy thick head and sickly feeling. Thankfully poets day was poetic enough to warrent Heather deciding we should go home early. Yey. 4 o'clock finish.

RP was off because our GM randomly had to go to Manchester - YAY. Was totally not in the mood. Instead I spent the evening cake making for tomorrow's 30th. My problem with the friend who hasn't been so friendly lately is solved with her not being able to make it to Leeds for her own birthday bash. I feel bad for her but at the same time it's some weight off because even if I feel half better by tomorrow I'm not going to be in the mood for niceties with fickle people anymore than I am currently in the mood for the noisy-ass drunken neighbours outside my window right now. I hope it rains on them so they go inside.

I made a chocolate orange cake. It's not orangey enough but it's still tasty - I know this because I made mini versions with the left overs. Sadly the main-event is too warm to frost so I have to wait until it is. I'm tired and it's like waiting for paint to dry. Or to die. Not sure. I want to try and find something dragony to put on it tomorrow.

Susie has decided that on our weekend sojourn up to Scotland we are going to Club Noir. A burlesque night in Glasgow. Sounds like a laugh and I'm looking forward to it - just scuppered for outfit ideas. The theme is 'American Dream'. Nice and wide and I have enough bits to cobble together several different outfits with only some additions in the way of accesories. I'm torn between a Playgirl bunny with ears picked up cheap coupled with my flesh coloured fishnets, patent kitten heels in black and my gorgeous black corset. (Need to be brave feeling for this one because of the short skirt/boobs out involved in this one).

Good old country/western girl with boots, my little polkadot tea dress, straw hat and neckerchief - never more have I had an excuse to buy the cowboy boots I always wanted but I'd want a pair that last more than a month and don't have the money to spend on them right now.

OR if I can find a pair of little cute red shoes (something I've also had a hankering for for YONKS) and a cheap white Tee I can totally manage a Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.

So my options are many and largely depend on what I find in the sales tomorrow.

I'm holding my breath for the shoes. Oh shoes. How long it has been since I bought some.
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Today I had some interesting phone conversations.

Me: "Hello Wayne, what can I get you?" (reading our internal clever phone system that tells me who's calling)
Collegue in outrageously awful German accent. "Ah hah, but it's not Vayne,"
"Hallo Graham, what can I do for you?"
"You alright petal, you sound like you've been crying,"
"Yeah I'm grand, just full of snot to be honest"
Colleague laughs. "Ehh they don't answer the phone down here in Reading like that you know. Never would you hear the mention of snot."
"Yeah well, I thought you'd appreciate my rotten Northern ways,"
"I do, and don't you ever change,"

Point to make is that the gentleman was our acting Director of my department and a good Lancashire man =) He's ace and made my day by getting my sense of humour and appreciating that I am indeed, full of snot and not scared to admit it. I guess this is one reason why I don't feel comfortable in what might be termed a 'proper' corporate environment but it depends on the company I suppose.

The second one was from a Japanese PhD student looking for some stats on guide dogs and VI people etc and so on. I think I scared the pants off him and made his day with my butchery of his language. Still, things went a lot quicker after I politely asked if he minded if I tried to speak Japanese at him.


In a sadder vein, my poor elderly gerbil finally passed away last night. He was ancient and died of it is all, but still sad. Mr Bo was always my favourite and he shall be sorely missed. RiP little fluffy critter. Amazing how much of your heart they take with you when they go.

As a final note, I am love love loving these guys right now. Right up my alley. Hope they're up your alley too. xxx

Now to go and butcher a bustle.
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Life has been..interesting..this past fornight or so. Lots of being kicked in the balls for both myself and friends/family.
My boy and I have had some fairly serious heart-to-hearts and ironed out a few creases. We've not yet crossed the 18th month hurdle as it were so I guess it was hard to go through our first real 'bad patch'.

Conversation and lots of cuddles and lots of honesty have sorted those few hiccups and things are better between us now than ever.

Relationships are hard. No denying that.

I've been sick as a dog on and off as well which doesn't help. Particularly last night where my body decided to wage full rebellion against me, complete with digestive pyrotechnics. Ick.

We had plans for today that involved the shopping for materials and creation of a bustle. The first part was successful, but the thought of going anywhere near that sewing machine - which by the way hates me at the best of times - is not something I relish. So I tried to finish up some crochet and am about to settle into Chobits instead.

Had semi-plans to attend a doll meet tomorrow but Kai needs his lip ring reattaching as I'd want to take him more than anyone else. Also if I'm feeling anywhere as feeble as I do now in the morning there's simply no chance. I'd rather spend the day in bed, catching up with laundry and trying to get ahead with this gorram blanket that seems endless.

Loving this song right now.


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