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I did quite well with 55%!.. Some of those I haven't eaten I hadn't even heard of and omg huevos rancheros sounds like naughty heaven on a plate!

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Feeling odd

Aug. 8th, 2011 10:59 pm
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I feel full of cold and grouchy, not enough sleep, half character genned - yay Middle earth rolemaster means I get to play a poncy wood elf lay healer. Not as poncy as our high elf ranger. Nor as funny as our tiny hobbit rogue.

Feel like crap. The world is spinning.

Oh and my country is rioting O.o' I was in the backwaters of Wales all weekend - where there is no gas plumbed in anywhere, mobile reception is minimal and while there is internet access I feel exceptionally rude travelling nearly 3 hours to see his parents only to spend time on t'internet. So it wasn't until Sunday night that we found out about the riots going on.

Don't quite know what to make of it all to be honest.

Reading reviews:

Super Sad True Love Story - Gary Shteyngart:
Do bother - if you like near-futuristic introspective sci-fi
Don't bother - if you loved 1984 - it stinks of an attempt to be as good and pales in comparison
Overview - Should have played more obviously on the romance between Eunice and Lenny- it's largely used as a metaphor for how fucked up the USA/Modern world is which is great in theory but dissapointing in practice. Interesting use of the modern diary form (blogging) vs traditional diary form. Curious science-jargon was good. Believable setting and great exploration of possible and realistic scientific advances. Sadly 2D characters - with the exception of Eunice because she is tragic and seeing her view of herself via her blog and Lenny's over idiolised view of her is well executed for the most part. A lack of delivering the punch that it had the potential for made me sad when I finished it. Also and I say it again it felt like reading the Little Brother of 1984 without any of the punch.
Over all decision: Okay but glad I didn't pay for it.


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