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Larp is tiring. As is driving several hours to get there and back, pitching and taking down tents, not sleeping much and it being very hot.

Awesome weekend. Much good stuff happened. There was tea and cake and new friends and old friends, IC and OOC. All in all good stuff. Very Keen for the next event now but am going to have to ask for the ticket to go as a birthday present otherwise might not be able to afford it. House moving, it are expensive.

Had a lovely day yesterday, was at Jon and Chrissy's for dinner after work. Those two are more 'his' friends than mine but a gorgeous couple, really warm and really friendly and I look forward to getting to know them better. They've just recently (7 months ago recently) sprogged and the wee one is a super cute wee boy going by Ewan. They are fab parents (not that I know! But they seem happy doing it and have a really earthy, calm approach to it) and very much in love which is just great to be witness to. Needless to say we wound up staying far later than originally intended hence still being tired. Argh. So Tired.

Tonight was Mother's Meeting. A good un but sadly sans Emma. She got called away on Super Important Laweryly business. We caught up with Han and had chilli followed by lemon tart and swiss roll. Decadent and lovely. Lucky Han has been in Japan for the last month so there was lots of Japan related nostalgia and envy. It's great to have her back though, I missed her dopey ways.

House moving is almost upon us. Work is dull but mostly steady. Waz and I are off to Wales this weekend which I am VERY much looking forward to. Yes it's a fairly long way to go... but we get well looked after and it's always nice to see the in-laws who I am very fond of.

Also I got my birthday pressie from Cat and her mummy early. I'd been on about getting a sewing machine and it turns out that Cat's mummy, Babs, wheels and deals them at auction and stuff. The whole family were tailors don't you know and she knows her onions. So I have a lovely Brother sat on my table, patiently waiting to eat me. I hope it doesn't eat me and we get on well. I'm certain sewing machines are semi-sentient. Waz pouted though, apparently he had one in mind to get me. My birthday isn't for another month you understand. Poor bugger. He's so sweet and was on the right track totally with that one - generally he's a bit weak in choosing presents bless him. (Not that I can talk... I have totally failed to get him anything and his birthday is next week....We've agreed on the tasty dinner and pampering route but I have to get him SOMETHING.  Ergh. Stumped for ideas a little this year)
But anyway, it made no sense him forking out when Babs can get them for next to nowt. Yay sewing machine. I will let you know how the test drive goes.

2 Weeks till moving day. Packing must commence very soon.  And then Ann and Char's wedding which is a disaster in waiting - nothing is sorted, sleeping space is less than first thought thanks to the site allowing less tents than first promised... I have no idea what I'm going to wear... July is going to be a fairly busy one, I reckon. A wedding, my birthday and a birthday over in Brum and Maelstrom all mean there are no free weekends.  I think this year my birthday will be a quiet one. Can't really be arsed or afford a proper party or owt.

Anyway... This is long and mostly boring - sorry! So have a gorgeous tune to make up for it.

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Holy moly what a busy weekend.

I could have been off larping, crewing at Insurrection but alas, real life weedled itself as the priority this weekend. We had to go and collect our now legal to drive, fixed, MOTed and taxed estate car back from Wales. Poor Waz, he was gutted when the garage tried to charge us £400.00 for the work. Not something we could afford so off to Wales it went to be declared off road and sat on a mates garage drive for a month while we saved.

His mummy daddy helped immensely with the cost and now it’s back on the road, fitter than ever.

 In order to get down to Wales we caught the 7:20 train over the border. I cannot remember the last time I saw 6am. I am not a bird that cares for catching the worm. Early starts do not agree with me in the slightest. 

But then Saturday turned out to be gorgeous. Gloriously sunny, train down with without event and we spent the afternoon in Welshpool. Did some shopping with his mum, Sheila while the boys went for a pint, then we went for coffee and headed home together. Roast dinner, mmm, then an evening of card games and conversation. Was lovely to spend the time with them as I haven’t seen them since New Years.

Sunday we crawled out of bed early, breakfast then over to Birmingham to sort stuff for the weekend after next. Mostly the exchange of tentage. Quick lunch in a local pub and I got to see Kings Heath where Waz was born. Then after a quick stop in Asda to pick up a few bits we trundled over to my parents to wish Marmie a happy birthday and bestow upon her gifts and attention. She loved the blankie I made her and I will post pictures tonight or tomorrow depending on free time. She is learning to crochet and quilt at the moment so she was over the moon I’d made her something.^o^ Yey.

Then we hauled arse home and to bed. I spent about 8 hours of the weekend travelling which has exhausted me somewhat O.o’ I did not want to crawl out of bed this morning. The weekend in all was great. Some bad news on Friday and some generally stressy stuff going on right now meant the change of scenery was well appreciated.


This week is going to be equally busy in the build up to Maelstrom though. Early nights where possible, I feel. 

Oh and I’ve developed hayfever which is exceedingly annoying. Still chipper though =) Still chipper. Just…y’know… eager to get home! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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