Jan. 9th, 2012 03:14 pm
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I decided to start blogging these...

I work for an engineering company that provides electrical and mechanical repairs and maintainence. Today I received a call log the declared the following


None of this nasty dry water at least!
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-_- Ya know what? People are pissing me off this week.

Work is stressing me out. Not enough hours in the day + some real idiots = stress. I'm trying to manage my work load but when things are this dire it's hard to focus. We're under staffed, my manager is just... not pulling his weight so we're having to carry it. WTF? Seriously? -_- My whole team are really frought. No support so far because half the office are away on training. Nightmare.

Hormones are driving me crazy.

I have fooked my shoulder which means it keeps sitting at an odd angle and then I move , it pops back into place and then hurts because the muscles have gotten used to being in the wrong place. Soooo now I'm having to stretch and keep mindful of being sat up straight and it hurts which makes me not want to do it and I'm perpetuating the cycle.

Also my teeth are achey in a dull kind of way. I dunno what's wrong with them but I can't really take time off at the moment so unless a tooth falls out or I start really suffering properly then I'm just carrying on regardless. My gums are sore... so I'm going to try and brush more gently because I might have been over compensating and keeping clean after my shocking tooth ache and am just hurting my poor teeths. I'm also going to change toothpastes.

Last night I also had girl type cramps and this combination did not please me in the SLIGHTEST

Monies are tight at the moment which is making me stressy as well. Also people + Hornby Laithe are doing my head in. We've struggled to get the numbers this year for lots of reasons and we're having a lot of last minute drop outs. We factored for a few but have had more than expected and I feel awful taking monies from people who aren't coming. So that's ticking me off because I can't do anything about it other than advertise and poke people who showed interest early on and I've had no bites. Not one.

Add to this the pair who took charge and wanted to run the Saturday night game are now having second thoughts and potentially bottling out because they didn't factor in the possibility that there would be drop outs. -_- I wanna wash my hands of the whole thing and I can't. So we're gonna take deep breaths and hold it together - at least I know it'll be worth it for a weekend away. Regardless of how few we are (still about 20) it'll be nice to get away. Lord knows I may even get some quality Waz time away from home. Stranger things have happened, right?

Results of Paul's tests come back on Friday so we're waiting on baited breath for those.

Crochet projects are mixed. Blanket for the in laws is coming on nicely. The colours are classic and I'm super pleased. The shawl I started for a birthday present is not so good. The pattern asked for 'worsted' which we don't really do so much of in the UK so I went for aran which is a bit heavier... but forgot the fact that the pattern also asked for a 6.5mm hook and I only have a 6mm or an 8mm at home and no time to buy another hook. I've done a sample in the 6mm and it's a bit tighter than I'd like but I'm now concenred that the 8 will be too big and etc and so on and I'm fretting because I'm in a funk.

Headphones on my mp3 player are playing up + I have heaps of washing that I don't want to do + it's freezing cold right now.

On a positive note I baked like a fiend on Sunday with Waz's help. We made cookies and cake and I had my first (sadly failed) attempt at bread. I used a packet mix as a tester (what could possibly go wrong!) and it was a disaster and I have no idea why. It was really doughy so I'm assuming I maybe over worked the dough? Blown if I know but I'm not put off. Only more determined to hone my baking skills over the coming months. The butter icing I made for the cake is some of the best I've made and the cookies came out nice so 2/3 ain't bad. It was nice to do it with his help too, bless him he's like a child when it comes to these things. Like a giant man-child.

And now to go and battle that shawl again. I think I feel a frog coming on. 
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Wow. What a day yesterday.

Soon to be ex-Housemate Cat came over to start moving her stuff out, had a panic attack, went briefly missing, was found and brought back, calmed down, fed and we finally got to packing her room after that. This after all the hours spent cleaning. We gave up at about half 9 having broken the back of her MESS. 

I am exhausted, mentally and physically. Honestly, I’m not in any state currently to be dealing with the crazy mental health problems of my nearest and dearest. I guess I don’t really have a choice in the matter though because if I hadn’t taken matters into hand a bit she wouldn’t have done it and would still be a gibbering wreck in a hedge. I’m not even joking, that’s where Waz found her.

 After we’d finally gotten back to new-home and chilled out and had a beer it was 12:20. And then my stupid teeth kept me up on and off through the night. I hate toothache. I’m sick of tooth ache -_- 

I’m currently in work, just about staying in work. I am trying to stagger my painkiller dosage to save enough to sleep tonight but that and the heat (it’s 29 degrees C right now which is waaaaaarm for us here in Rainy England) is freaking killing me. I am wilting. Meeeeeeelting. Meeeeeelting.

 However, I am cracking on, determined and if the toothache doesn’t subside tonight I guess it will be off to the dentist with me. :o( Do not want to go in the slightest. 

On the plus side, my poor body is obviously craving good things. I have an urgent desire to eat fruit and Greek yogurt and muesli and brown bread. Clearly I am lacking fruit and fibre in my diet and after living out of the bottom of the freezer before moving type of diet for the last week that’s hardly surprising. 

In other news I have been busily crocheting. I’m 1/3rd of the way through my first cardigan but as it is taking some time I have prioritised making a shrug for the wedding I’m off to in two weeks. It’s working up a treat and should be no problem finishing it in time. Yay. Pics when done. 

Have a happier Monday than I am guys. 

3 Things I’m Grateful for. 

1 – A cold shower awaiting when I get home. Roll on 5 O’clock
2 – My awesome boss, not minding me whining about my toothache and giving me a lift to work now I live further out of town.
3 – Clementines being on offer in my local shop. I love these tasty little oranges. =D


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