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So the grouchiness has subsided at long last. I am feeling a great deal better this morning. Work was good this week - I actually really like my job. It does my head in and it stresses me but I like the atmosphere, the banter, my crazy engineers (even the grumpy ones) and the fact that I feel like I'm doing a good job at it. I think so. I hope so anyway!

Shadowrun last night was good. We have once again landed ourself in Deep Shit which is always great roleplay. 6 intrepid shadow runners have gone back in time and are now infiltrating a camp of a million Persians gearing up to beat on the Greeks. In order to weedle into the camp we have disguised ourselves as traders and tarted up our very Icelandic cat-burgler girl as a virgin princess spoils of war from The North beyond the Sea to sell. It's worked so far with the exception of the fact that the party decided to throw Peaches, my troll character, into the bargain as an abomination type gladiator -_- We finished the session with Peaches in the middle of an arena about to face off against a four-armed orc.

Fun times!

Today we are chilling out and catching up on chores around the house. Must get to a bottle bank and also do lots of washing because I am a slack bastard and have gotten really behind in the laundry stakes lately. Urgh.

Then off to an engagement party tonight where our friends are enforcing a smart dress code. I guess it's an excuse to get all dolled up but I'm not entirely feeling it today. I'm sure I will be laters.

For now I have much planning and plotting and.. oh look Waz is still in bed maybe I'll just go and snuggle and go back to sleep for a bit. =D


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