Mar. 15th, 2011


Mar. 15th, 2011 09:19 am
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I feel myself regressing..... Regressing....... Oh yes.

I spent several hours of last night revisiting some of my favourite jpop and jrock songs and wound up eventually watching the first episode of Chobits. I'd forgotten how much I love that show! It's nuts and very cute. Also I've engaged smug mode in some respects because I first watched Chobits prior to doing my degree and now I can watch it without any subtitles and no problems. Woot. Sometimes I feel justified in my somewhat-waste-of-my-time-degree.

I am now contemplating building my own tribute to the character Chii using my 60cm Obitsu body and a new head. With the application of a few accessories and some dressmaking I reckon I could have fun putting her together. I've always kind of wanted one and never gotten to it. SO, I might offer up some items for trade here on LJ. I'm mostly after a long long blonde wig with bangs, if I can get that in a trade then I should be able to justify the expense of the other stuff!

Anywho, that's it for now because I'm at work and actually have work to be doing.

In other news, I managed to raise $38.00 USD for aid for Japan, we haven't decided which charity yet, I'd like for it to go to the Red Cross effort I think.

Oh and also! more Sir David Attenborough of Physics yesterday Prof. Brian Cox. The Wonder of the Universe series is really soothing and makes you feel small. Yesterday I learnt we're all made of star dust. Everything is made of stardust. How mental is that.


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