Mar. 22nd, 2011

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Today I had some interesting phone conversations.

Me: "Hello Wayne, what can I get you?" (reading our internal clever phone system that tells me who's calling)
Collegue in outrageously awful German accent. "Ah hah, but it's not Vayne,"
"Hallo Graham, what can I do for you?"
"You alright petal, you sound like you've been crying,"
"Yeah I'm grand, just full of snot to be honest"
Colleague laughs. "Ehh they don't answer the phone down here in Reading like that you know. Never would you hear the mention of snot."
"Yeah well, I thought you'd appreciate my rotten Northern ways,"
"I do, and don't you ever change,"

Point to make is that the gentleman was our acting Director of my department and a good Lancashire man =) He's ace and made my day by getting my sense of humour and appreciating that I am indeed, full of snot and not scared to admit it. I guess this is one reason why I don't feel comfortable in what might be termed a 'proper' corporate environment but it depends on the company I suppose.

The second one was from a Japanese PhD student looking for some stats on guide dogs and VI people etc and so on. I think I scared the pants off him and made his day with my butchery of his language. Still, things went a lot quicker after I politely asked if he minded if I tried to speak Japanese at him.


In a sadder vein, my poor elderly gerbil finally passed away last night. He was ancient and died of it is all, but still sad. Mr Bo was always my favourite and he shall be sorely missed. RiP little fluffy critter. Amazing how much of your heart they take with you when they go.

As a final note, I am love love loving these guys right now. Right up my alley. Hope they're up your alley too. xxx

Now to go and butcher a bustle.


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