May. 1st, 2011

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^o^ We made it to the beach today. Yeeeey
Yesterday Waz woke up with a stinking headache so we had a slow morning, popped to see Thor in the afternoon and generally took it easy.
He's super nervous about his 6 month probation interview with work. Fingers crossed for us guys, things have been going pretty well for us two lately and we're both waiting for the imminent kick in the balls. Please don't let it be unemployment for him. Please, please, please.

To keep busy and cheerful Waz took me to the beach at Scarborough today. We hit up the North Bay, somewhat unintentionally because while I did do my reading and found out that there were two bays, North and South, and that one was quieter and less commercial and full of cheesy arcades etc than the other, I couldn't remember which was which by the time we got there. The North one turned out to be the quieter of the two. It meant that we accidentally avoided the 'true spirit' of the Blighty seafront - harbour/pier/candyfloss/neon lights/fun fair and instead got a stretch of gorgeous beach, small brightly coloured beach huts and it was generally less manic, all overlooked by the ruins of Scarborough Castle.

We paddled in the sea, sunbathed, gossiped, read, had fish and chips and ice cream and generally unwound and enjoyed each other's company.

It was glorious.

And I'm posting pictures mostly to prove that British summer is beautiful blue skies.

Sorry it's wonky O.o' My photography 'skills' were not present today, it would seem.Pictures! =) )


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