Jun. 1st, 2011

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Well, it's Wednesday. Work is dull, hence the post.
Househunting is done, just about. We've picked a house and are in the process of paperwork. I really, really need to call up and make the phone payment for our 'admin fees' - what a rip-off. Admin fees bug the crap out of me but I want that house and so does everyone else so we just gotta suck it up. Paperwork is ready to go but I forgot to bring Waz's form with all the other stuff to send off so it'll be in the post tomorrow morning. Man I've been slack about this. Most unlike me. It comes from being away all weekend I think - I'm just super off-kilter!!

Maelstrom tomorroooooow. I am excited! =D There were almost NO good pictures of me from last event which is sad times. A few crappy shots not worth sharing on here and that was that. I'm hoping to look fabulous enough to warrent camera attention this event and have some decent photos to share.

So much IC stuff to have fun with but I am dreading the rain. Please don't rain all weekend. Camping, roleplaying a character that requires facepaint and RAIN do not mix. I do not want to be a soggy cat-lady all weekend.

Tonight calls for packing, faffing and crochet! Woot. I am making my first ever item of clothing that isn't just a scarf or bag accessory type affair. It's a cardigan for meeeeeee. And it will be my cardi. And I hope it's too big rather than too small if the sizing is out cause at least then I can still wear it.

Things between Waz and I have been awesome. We had the most ridiculous asleep conversation last night. Sometimes when he's just past the verge of sleep he talks semi-coherantly with me Last night we had a vaguely in-depth conversation about 'om nom nom fishies'.. What kind of fishies?..'Salmon!' ...And what was with the salmon accordingly to my lovely, sleep addled boy? 'More salmon!!'

He is a sweet and simple creature.

This is me signing off for the weekend. Expect a long, frothy post, post-Maelstrom on Monday or Tuesday.

Have a lovely weekend guys!



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