Jun. 19th, 2011

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Yesterday was fab!

Lunch and shopping with Annie ~ She is such a dear. I will miss her when she does finally abandon me to go and live in the US. She's currently planning and preparing to apply to do her postgrad study out there. Crazy lady. I can't say I'm not jealous and I'm not sad at the thought of losing her but I'm proud of her for knowing what she wants and going after it.

Then I came home, did some packing and then we head over to Ann and Char's for some pre-Wendyhouse drinks and stuff. Was nice to see Waz out the house - and it was his idea, le gasp. Usually he'd just drop me straight at the union for Wendy and not bother with being social. He didn't come to wendy but predrinks was good.

The theme was 'fairytale' and we had quite the selection. We had Buttercup and Dread Pirate Roberts, The Scarcrow and Dorothy, Princess Fiona, Captain Hook, a Fairy Godmother, The Queen of Hearts, several Prince Charmings and an Evil Demon Queen (me)

Twas tres fun. What was less fun was my poor knee not standing up to the job, my poor feet hurting after the dancing and the walking all day prior to the dancing. Apparently I really am starting to get to old and broken for this shit. Meh.

Was lovely to see Neko-chan and her boy out together as well. By this time next week we'll pretty much be roomies; dun dun dun.

What was less fun, however, was Waz knocking a pint of juice all over his computer desk at 3:00 this morning after picking me up. We'd decided to chill out with an episode of something to unwind a bit before sleeping and he threw the whole pint of juice over the desk with his elbow. Thank fook for surgeproof extensions that's all I can say. His computer and him are fine so we're very grateful. I dunno how though, it went freaking everywhere.Whatever. Something big and shiny somewhere smiled on him in that moment. I am grateful for it. He'd have been bloody unbearable if he was poorly and without computer. Ick.

This afternoon I think we're gonna go see X-men. =D Yay for nectar points which will hopefully make the trip free.
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X Men First Class is freaking AWESOME.
Loved it.
AND we got it paid for with nectar points completely, including the drinks and popcorn.

Fab Film for Free = Happy Charlie. Plus the fact that I have just finished consuming a very tasty curry dinner that I didn't have to cook or pay for, courtesy of my gorgeous man/boy.

If only all weekends were like this one.


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