Jun. 29th, 2011

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New house = space for my computer to be up and running. Woot. It's been under the bed for a year so has been thoroughly dusted and I am now slowly going through the super-slow process of updating EVERYTHING. This baby was a bit moody about the Windows updates as it was, particularly anything related to service pack 3. I've a sad feeling this may entail an almost total reformat in the end but I think I can cope. Hell, it's not like I've missed much on it over the last year.

Once everything is up to date I'm going to use Waz's external harddrive to store my crap that means something to me on it and then if it needs wiping it can be wiped.

Fingers crossed for me though!

Happily today is also brought to you sans toothache. I was nearly tearing my hair and my eyes out on Monday night with the sheer amount of pain involved. Can't really afford dental work - might not have much choice if the tooth-pain returns.

Waz has lost and found work in the space of a week. It comes of having 'a trade' as well. He's a qualified electrician, don't-ya-know. Which is a life saver at the moment because it does make him very employable. He is, on the other hand, somewhat annoying me because his guild on WoW are doing new content for them tonight and someone else got the tank spot so he's now bimbling about. Suddenly because he is no longer raiding I'm expected to entertain him. Sorry babe, I've got my own stuff to do right now.


Also I had to frog my new shrug because I wasn't paying attention and it was all wonky. Not in the quirky-this-looks-intentional kind of way. But cocked up, cock-eye sort of wonky. Still, it's coming together a treat on a nice tasty 8mm hook with chunky chunky pretty yarn. Pics when done, I imagine, because Cat finally 'found' my camera which she swore wasn't in her room but I knew she'd been the last person to use it.



Meh. Is it the weekend yet?


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