Jul. 19th, 2011

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Wow what a long day. I tagged along to the beautiful new Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre today. It was awesome. As ever the people working for this organisation surprise me with their kindness and genuine love for their work and just alround nice people.

It meant I had to leave at 6am to get there for 9 and didn't get home until 6:30pm. That's a long ass day for me. THEN mothers meeting where I cooked up dinner - Kat thankfully helped prep and took care of pudding =D

Was lovely to see the girls, Waz is behind me reading and plotting for a new roleplay group (like we need another form of roleplay in our lives... but I doubt that will stop me!) and it's been a great day.

Sadly this has not stopped me in my mega tired state from not feeling very well equipped to deal with real life right now. The prospect of not going to work on Monday morning is making me sick. Not a single bite on any of the jobs I've applied for, nothing from my agency. SO I guess I'll be hitting all the other agencies next week and applying to everything under the sun including all those jobs I've so far excluded from bothering with because I don't want to be doing them.

Trying not to freak the fuck out. Trying really, really hard. And while it's made easier by lots of nice things happening as well...actually in some respects it's just exhausting me.

Thankfully the plan for this weekend is NOTHING and I fully intend on playing my piano, finishing my crochet jellyfish mobile and playing unforgivable amounts of computer games.

How's things with you, ladies and gents?


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