Oct. 4th, 2011

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Work today was mega busy and stressful in that mega busy good way. Got everything I meant to done. Gayle was a star as always. Then off for a quick post work beer with one of the Big Bosses down from Scotland and some of the team. Home and then pizza. Plus slightly tipsy shopping decisions in relation to Chalkie's big bash at the end of the month. I justified the big piece of red costume jewelery which I was debating over because I own nothing red to wear with and am borrowing Marmie's red dress for the occasion...by deciding to just buy a nice big red frock in the nearish future. Problem solved, right? =D

I also came home to a Christmas like stack of self-presents from T'Internet. My underskirt came ^o^ Yay I finally have my own hoops! And my amazing hat of amazing. It's ancient - actually from te 1920s and it's beautiful. =D It has that amazing 'old' smell which some, understandably, dislike, but I fell in love with the first time I went into a second hand book shop. (Also my bus pass. Less exciting by far.)

My NaNo is happily plotting itself in my head. I need to write down more of this plotting so I can make room in my memory bank for more plot. I currently half half a slice of stuffed crust pizza to finish and then I'm gonna go and snuggle my gorgeous boy whilst watching inane TV and crocheting.

Life is pretty good today.


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