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So yesterday was pretty much the best day ever? Or at least the best I've had in a while ^-^ Waz and I trekked to Hull wherein there was aquarium happiness. There were all sorts of gorgeous sea creatures and randomness and omg little poison arrow frogs in the most breath taking shade of blue ever and jellyfish and so much giddy inducing pretty. Maybe I should have gone into marine-related research I'm sure I'd be happy. Oh hindsight you are a shitter.

After that we stopped on the way back for a quick coffee because oh MAN was it raining. Raining sideways. So we got soaked on the short walk back to the car. Then also on the way home the boy decided that lunch out would be nice so we did that. We stopped in one of out local pubs for a quick and relaxed bite and then came home for a few hours. Waz, bless him, took a nap and I snuggled him a bit while he snored and then started fussing with what to wear.

A short shower, left over cold pizza from the night before and dolling up later we head round the corner to Caroline and Leon's for pre-Wendy House boozing wherein I was surprised (totally surprised) with presents and birthday cake! Yay. I felt very spoilt and loved. Helen got me a rather lovely porcelain doll - she's all grown up and appeals to my tragic inner goth with her bride-in-black ensemble. She even has delicate little thin wooden wings. And she's a red-head so she appeals all round. Ann, who is a fantastic gift giver, made me a gorgeous purple and pearl dragon fly hair clip and a little half-apron with cherry appliques. I'm not sure if she made the pinny or not I forgot to ask but I think she did and it's beautiful. Plus Caz got me cake and bought me birthday drinks so I was truly spoilt all round.

I've never really been so spoilt before! I didn't organise anything party-wise this year so it was really nice to be made a fuss of, especially after the lame news on Thursday.

^-^ Yay. And now I think I shall go to T'Shop  and invest in baking materials so I can pretend to be a domestic goddess in my sexy new apron.
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Yesterday was fab!

Lunch and shopping with Annie ~ She is such a dear. I will miss her when she does finally abandon me to go and live in the US. She's currently planning and preparing to apply to do her postgrad study out there. Crazy lady. I can't say I'm not jealous and I'm not sad at the thought of losing her but I'm proud of her for knowing what she wants and going after it.

Then I came home, did some packing and then we head over to Ann and Char's for some pre-Wendyhouse drinks and stuff. Was nice to see Waz out the house - and it was his idea, le gasp. Usually he'd just drop me straight at the union for Wendy and not bother with being social. He didn't come to wendy but predrinks was good.

The theme was 'fairytale' and we had quite the selection. We had Buttercup and Dread Pirate Roberts, The Scarcrow and Dorothy, Princess Fiona, Captain Hook, a Fairy Godmother, The Queen of Hearts, several Prince Charmings and an Evil Demon Queen (me)

Twas tres fun. What was less fun was my poor knee not standing up to the job, my poor feet hurting after the dancing and the walking all day prior to the dancing. Apparently I really am starting to get to old and broken for this shit. Meh.

Was lovely to see Neko-chan and her boy out together as well. By this time next week we'll pretty much be roomies; dun dun dun.

What was less fun, however, was Waz knocking a pint of juice all over his computer desk at 3:00 this morning after picking me up. We'd decided to chill out with an episode of something to unwind a bit before sleeping and he threw the whole pint of juice over the desk with his elbow. Thank fook for surgeproof extensions that's all I can say. His computer and him are fine so we're very grateful. I dunno how though, it went freaking everywhere.Whatever. Something big and shiny somewhere smiled on him in that moment. I am grateful for it. He'd have been bloody unbearable if he was poorly and without computer. Ick.

This afternoon I think we're gonna go see X-men. =D Yay for nectar points which will hopefully make the trip free.
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So the weekend was in all respects made of awesome =)

Saturday saw some begruding shopping for bits for Larping next weekend but that was relatively quickly and painlessly over. Then Waz and I headed to Han's for BBQ good times. Company was good. Mood was relaxed. Food was tasty. Oh and there were toasted marshmallows and homebrew ale. All very good things. Hannah and Guy are always excellent hosts! Chilled out fun times.

Then I headed home and glammed up for Wendyhouse - our local goth night. The outfit I had planned to wear turned into a no no when the skirt I had picked turned out to be way too big for me at the moment so I had to run around like a mad thing to find something I wanted to wear. Not through lack of options but through my being fussy.

All prettified as best as I can manage I ventured up to the student union whereupon I saw lots of friends, particularly [ profile] klena  and [ profile] raineonthebrain who don't come out to play very much ^-^ I danced my butt off but avoided being trolleyed (...gazeboed) and so avoided hung over Sunday mornings. More fun had.

Sunday we ran over to the bunk barn we're hiring for our annual reunion - though people are being a bit slack this year so be prepared to hear lots of whining about my friends being rubbish in the lead up to this thing. It's in October, I'll try not to start early. But it is also the place that we met. We I mean Waz and I of course. It was somehow Fitting and Right to end up in the place that we met on the 10th anniversary of his wife's death. Her name was Alex, by the way. We somehow avoided all the gloom in the sunshine and instead I think Waz remembered her fondly, thoughtfully and happily. I hope so, anyway. Hardly any tears at least.

Oh and there was totally a pit stop in an amazing cafe that was only called 'Ye Olde Naked Man Cafe'  with one of the best milkshakes I've had in years. Ho ho ho.

This early part of the week has been brought to you by having many things to do and not enough time to do them. Tomorrow I have to bake epic amounts of cake, finish the washing, ensure everything is packed and prepped and ready to go and sadly Mothers Meeting is forfeit this week. It means I can also have a nice early night, enjoying the comfort of my own bed and not sleeping under canvas peacefully, for the last time for 4 nights. I like camping, I do, but even our extremely awesome airbed does not compare to Real Bed.

Right, now to go and see if my chocolate truffles are ready to shape and dust. =D Mmm..truffles.

Oh and my video this time is not music, but something that just keeps tickling me.


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