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I just watched The Breakfast Club again. I forgot how much I LOVE this film. :) Oh the teenage angst makes my heart flutter.

I also finished crocheting a hat whilst watching - so double yay. Only the hat was made with a friend in mind and I have a rather small head and it fits me nicely so I'm now concerned it's going to be too small for her. Small concerns - it only took a little while to make so I may unravel it back down to the increases and make it bigger tomorrow.

Tomorrow will comprise of job hunting and fabric shopping.

That is all.
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New house = space for my computer to be up and running. Woot. It's been under the bed for a year so has been thoroughly dusted and I am now slowly going through the super-slow process of updating EVERYTHING. This baby was a bit moody about the Windows updates as it was, particularly anything related to service pack 3. I've a sad feeling this may entail an almost total reformat in the end but I think I can cope. Hell, it's not like I've missed much on it over the last year.

Once everything is up to date I'm going to use Waz's external harddrive to store my crap that means something to me on it and then if it needs wiping it can be wiped.

Fingers crossed for me though!

Happily today is also brought to you sans toothache. I was nearly tearing my hair and my eyes out on Monday night with the sheer amount of pain involved. Can't really afford dental work - might not have much choice if the tooth-pain returns.

Waz has lost and found work in the space of a week. It comes of having 'a trade' as well. He's a qualified electrician, don't-ya-know. Which is a life saver at the moment because it does make him very employable. He is, on the other hand, somewhat annoying me because his guild on WoW are doing new content for them tonight and someone else got the tank spot so he's now bimbling about. Suddenly because he is no longer raiding I'm expected to entertain him. Sorry babe, I've got my own stuff to do right now.


Also I had to frog my new shrug because I wasn't paying attention and it was all wonky. Not in the quirky-this-looks-intentional kind of way. But cocked up, cock-eye sort of wonky. Still, it's coming together a treat on a nice tasty 8mm hook with chunky chunky pretty yarn. Pics when done, I imagine, because Cat finally 'found' my camera which she swore wasn't in her room but I knew she'd been the last person to use it.



Meh. Is it the weekend yet?
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Here's the photos at last ^-^ My mummy with her new blankie =) It took 11 balls of wool and approximately 3 months to finish this baby. I enjoyed every square so there will be another - in maybe another 3 months time. =D

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Stupid photobucket. Between that and LJ being rubbish my online world is falling apart around me! Le gasp.

I wanted to upload photos of the finished article that is my blankie. Sadly it's not possible due to photobucket fail. If anybody is on Ravelry though I can be found at roguedreams and you can see it there.

Instead I shall simply share these beauties.

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Holy moly what a busy weekend.

I could have been off larping, crewing at Insurrection but alas, real life weedled itself as the priority this weekend. We had to go and collect our now legal to drive, fixed, MOTed and taxed estate car back from Wales. Poor Waz, he was gutted when the garage tried to charge us £400.00 for the work. Not something we could afford so off to Wales it went to be declared off road and sat on a mates garage drive for a month while we saved.

His mummy daddy helped immensely with the cost and now it’s back on the road, fitter than ever.

 In order to get down to Wales we caught the 7:20 train over the border. I cannot remember the last time I saw 6am. I am not a bird that cares for catching the worm. Early starts do not agree with me in the slightest. 

But then Saturday turned out to be gorgeous. Gloriously sunny, train down with without event and we spent the afternoon in Welshpool. Did some shopping with his mum, Sheila while the boys went for a pint, then we went for coffee and headed home together. Roast dinner, mmm, then an evening of card games and conversation. Was lovely to spend the time with them as I haven’t seen them since New Years.

Sunday we crawled out of bed early, breakfast then over to Birmingham to sort stuff for the weekend after next. Mostly the exchange of tentage. Quick lunch in a local pub and I got to see Kings Heath where Waz was born. Then after a quick stop in Asda to pick up a few bits we trundled over to my parents to wish Marmie a happy birthday and bestow upon her gifts and attention. She loved the blankie I made her and I will post pictures tonight or tomorrow depending on free time. She is learning to crochet and quilt at the moment so she was over the moon I’d made her something.^o^ Yey.

Then we hauled arse home and to bed. I spent about 8 hours of the weekend travelling which has exhausted me somewhat O.o’ I did not want to crawl out of bed this morning. The weekend in all was great. Some bad news on Friday and some generally stressy stuff going on right now meant the change of scenery was well appreciated.


This week is going to be equally busy in the build up to Maelstrom though. Early nights where possible, I feel. 

Oh and I’ve developed hayfever which is exceedingly annoying. Still chipper though =) Still chipper. Just…y’know… eager to get home! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Apr. 3rd, 2011 09:50 pm
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This icon is not at all appropriate but mmm Jensen.

I am merely posting because I am happily crocheting whilst moshing out to Disturbed and felt the need to share that with the Internet.

Good times.

And the damnable thing is nearly done! I will post pictures when we're there.


Mar. 23rd, 2011 11:19 pm
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I'm so sleepy =)
I finally started putting together this gorram blanket though. I only started it back in December so...ya know. Vindicated.

Waz is currently slurping hot chocolate in bed.

Too bad that particular type of slurping/eating sound makes me want to gip a bit.

Oh wells.

Also our housing plans for come end of June when our contract ends and we have to move out have fallen through so we're not back into that 'soon to be homeless' category.

Oh wells.

Night all!
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Life has been..interesting..this past fornight or so. Lots of being kicked in the balls for both myself and friends/family.
My boy and I have had some fairly serious heart-to-hearts and ironed out a few creases. We've not yet crossed the 18th month hurdle as it were so I guess it was hard to go through our first real 'bad patch'.

Conversation and lots of cuddles and lots of honesty have sorted those few hiccups and things are better between us now than ever.

Relationships are hard. No denying that.

I've been sick as a dog on and off as well which doesn't help. Particularly last night where my body decided to wage full rebellion against me, complete with digestive pyrotechnics. Ick.

We had plans for today that involved the shopping for materials and creation of a bustle. The first part was successful, but the thought of going anywhere near that sewing machine - which by the way hates me at the best of times - is not something I relish. So I tried to finish up some crochet and am about to settle into Chobits instead.

Had semi-plans to attend a doll meet tomorrow but Kai needs his lip ring reattaching as I'd want to take him more than anyone else. Also if I'm feeling anywhere as feeble as I do now in the morning there's simply no chance. I'd rather spend the day in bed, catching up with laundry and trying to get ahead with this gorram blanket that seems endless.

Loving this song right now.


Mar. 8th, 2011 09:03 pm
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Today there were many pancakes! They're one of my favourite foods so today was a perfect excuse to have some friends over and nom many many pancakes. My boy did the cooking and I did the hosting and it was an enjoyable, relaxed kind of evening.

Life seems to be dumping on everyone at the moment - what a nightmare! 2011 hates everyone, I think. Well it can shove off - spring is in the air and things need to start looking up.

I forgot to mention that I went to a knitting circle in town on Saturday - Knit and Knatter. It was most enjoyable. I was nervous I must admit - it's pretty out of character me to just join up to things and go and not chicken out. But everyone there was nice, and I hope that I get to meet the other ladies and maybe a few more sign up. But not too many! A little circle is good for me, I feel.

I'm almost done with making the squares for my blanket, so now I just have to do the last few, block and stitch it all together. Depending on how big this thing is when it's one piece instead of it's little squares will decide how big a border edging I do - but I'd like to do something interesting. Temptation is to go frilly...but the pattern of the squares are just that - they're very ...square. We'll see eh?

I'll post pictures when it's all done with.

I've also just started working a wool/mohair loop in the best shade of teal/blue into a bag. By just started I've really only done... like four rounds so I have a coaster at the moment but that will come together quite quickly I reckon, when it gets going. When I get going.

Again, there will be pictures of yarn crafts soon :o) I have a crochet cthuhlu to put eyes on as wel =D

My muse is all over the place at the moment I must admit...I have 501 THINGS that I absolutely positively MUST do RIGHT NOW frying my brain from the inside but not the time to get to grips with any of it so I am trying to prioritise. I think this will be aleviated with the end of this blanket for my mum - it's my first 'big' project and considering that I started it shortly after Christmas, the fact I've stuck at it this long at all is fairly impressive for me.


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