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Wow what a long day. I tagged along to the beautiful new Guide Dogs National Breeding Centre today. It was awesome. As ever the people working for this organisation surprise me with their kindness and genuine love for their work and just alround nice people.

It meant I had to leave at 6am to get there for 9 and didn't get home until 6:30pm. That's a long ass day for me. THEN mothers meeting where I cooked up dinner - Kat thankfully helped prep and took care of pudding =D

Was lovely to see the girls, Waz is behind me reading and plotting for a new roleplay group (like we need another form of roleplay in our lives... but I doubt that will stop me!) and it's been a great day.

Sadly this has not stopped me in my mega tired state from not feeling very well equipped to deal with real life right now. The prospect of not going to work on Monday morning is making me sick. Not a single bite on any of the jobs I've applied for, nothing from my agency. SO I guess I'll be hitting all the other agencies next week and applying to everything under the sun including all those jobs I've so far excluded from bothering with because I don't want to be doing them.

Trying not to freak the fuck out. Trying really, really hard. And while it's made easier by lots of nice things happening as well...actually in some respects it's just exhausting me.

Thankfully the plan for this weekend is NOTHING and I fully intend on playing my piano, finishing my crochet jellyfish mobile and playing unforgivable amounts of computer games.

How's things with you, ladies and gents?
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Larp is tiring. As is driving several hours to get there and back, pitching and taking down tents, not sleeping much and it being very hot.

Awesome weekend. Much good stuff happened. There was tea and cake and new friends and old friends, IC and OOC. All in all good stuff. Very Keen for the next event now but am going to have to ask for the ticket to go as a birthday present otherwise might not be able to afford it. House moving, it are expensive.

Had a lovely day yesterday, was at Jon and Chrissy's for dinner after work. Those two are more 'his' friends than mine but a gorgeous couple, really warm and really friendly and I look forward to getting to know them better. They've just recently (7 months ago recently) sprogged and the wee one is a super cute wee boy going by Ewan. They are fab parents (not that I know! But they seem happy doing it and have a really earthy, calm approach to it) and very much in love which is just great to be witness to. Needless to say we wound up staying far later than originally intended hence still being tired. Argh. So Tired.

Tonight was Mother's Meeting. A good un but sadly sans Emma. She got called away on Super Important Laweryly business. We caught up with Han and had chilli followed by lemon tart and swiss roll. Decadent and lovely. Lucky Han has been in Japan for the last month so there was lots of Japan related nostalgia and envy. It's great to have her back though, I missed her dopey ways.

House moving is almost upon us. Work is dull but mostly steady. Waz and I are off to Wales this weekend which I am VERY much looking forward to. Yes it's a fairly long way to go... but we get well looked after and it's always nice to see the in-laws who I am very fond of.

Also I got my birthday pressie from Cat and her mummy early. I'd been on about getting a sewing machine and it turns out that Cat's mummy, Babs, wheels and deals them at auction and stuff. The whole family were tailors don't you know and she knows her onions. So I have a lovely Brother sat on my table, patiently waiting to eat me. I hope it doesn't eat me and we get on well. I'm certain sewing machines are semi-sentient. Waz pouted though, apparently he had one in mind to get me. My birthday isn't for another month you understand. Poor bugger. He's so sweet and was on the right track totally with that one - generally he's a bit weak in choosing presents bless him. (Not that I can talk... I have totally failed to get him anything and his birthday is next week....We've agreed on the tasty dinner and pampering route but I have to get him SOMETHING.  Ergh. Stumped for ideas a little this year)
But anyway, it made no sense him forking out when Babs can get them for next to nowt. Yay sewing machine. I will let you know how the test drive goes.

2 Weeks till moving day. Packing must commence very soon.  And then Ann and Char's wedding which is a disaster in waiting - nothing is sorted, sleeping space is less than first thought thanks to the site allowing less tents than first promised... I have no idea what I'm going to wear... July is going to be a fairly busy one, I reckon. A wedding, my birthday and a birthday over in Brum and Maelstrom all mean there are no free weekends.  I think this year my birthday will be a quiet one. Can't really be arsed or afford a proper party or owt.

Anyway... This is long and mostly boring - sorry! So have a gorgeous tune to make up for it.

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Because she was ever so pretty.

I'm amazed by the amount of negative response to the wedding over here. Particularly among my friends, whom I have always known as a bunch of fairly strong opinioned inviduals but also individuals looking for an excuse to have a party.

I wouldn't ever consider myself a royalist but I do feel that the royal family is a part of my history and culture and I appreciate the traditions and ceremony involved in a monarchy. Not to mention the massive amount of work they do as representatives and for charity. So I find myself in a strange place!

I celebrated the royal wedding today, gladly, happy to have an opportunity to express a small measure of patriotism among friends, with traditional cake and much tea. It was a quiet affair, we cooed over the dress, the hats and mocked mercilessly and inappropriately.

Granted the tabloids were having a field day with it, but honestly it's really nice to have something ridiculous, fluffy and happy on the front pages. Or I think so, anyway.

I've had a lovely day although I am more eager now to get the ball rolling for my own wedding. Waz and I discussed setting into action Operation Envelope aka eloping in a tiny low-key manner. It was passing and joking but sometimes I'm tempted to just pick a dozen people from our vast social circles and fuck off and get wed.

And tomorrow? We're only going to the sea side. =D Oh yes.
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Well not quite. This weeks been a funny old one.
I'm far more irritable than usual and all highs and lows. Yesterday was great, Mothers Meeting with the ladies was thearaputic and my lemon drizzle cake went down a treat. (We totally ate the whole thing between us. Oops)

Today work felt like a chore. I am way too smart to really be doing this job. I know this because it regularly bores me to the brink of tears. Alas as a graduate with a niche degree with less than a years full time work experience in a competative market I'm not left with many options. Just grinding on for now.

Otherwise life is great. One niggle with a friend neglecting me but no energy with which to 'patch things up' so just riding that out. I get to a point sometimes when I can no longer be bothered to put in 90% of effort in a friendship and left with 10% in return. So until she pulls her head out of her arse she can sod off. Not interested.

This weekend is due to be busy and traumatic. My poor boy, with his massive amount of baggage dramatic life history will be struggling through the 10 year anniversary of the death of his first wife. His only wife, technically. We've already written the day off as a quiet one with breakfast in bed and probably a few movies. I will do my best to be there for him.

On a more trivial note - is anybody else having trouble with photobucket or is it just me? Or has everyone else seen the sense I lack and given up on photobucket for greener fields?

Oh and I made possibly the tastiest maceroni cheese I think I ever made tonight. Good times.


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